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PC or MAC - convenience or security?

Updated on March 9, 2008

My iMac

Newer Model
Newer Model

I love my iMac

I do, I really love my iMac G5 with its 17-inch monitor and great graphics and quiet system and ergonomic keyboard. It could be newer, with built-in iSight and the latest OS, Leopard. It could be wireless, it could have more memory and hard drive space. But my Panther model is solid and dependable, secure and user-friendly. Four years ago I invested close to $4000.00 in my present system including graphic software upgrades across the board. Upgrading to system 10 from system 9 was a big deal.

I'm a graphic artist and photoshop nut from California so there wasn't really any other choice when I started buying my first systems. I've always worked on PCs in school and with clients, and always felt so happy to get back to my totally organized and smooth-running machine.

Dell ThinkPad

PC advantages

I've really never missed owning a Windows-based operating system in the thousands of "other" computer options available to the public. I've worked with Dells and Hewlett Packards, Lenovos and Sonys, laptops and towers, old systems and new. Apple has always reigned supreme in my book for total customer satisfaction and simplicity. I still don't use an antivirus software on this machine. That's unheard of with Windows. That system is extremely vulnerable to hackers and wormsters. Whenever I use a friend's machine, there's always some pop-up window telling you to watch out for spyware, worms, cracked codes and all manner of mischievious spiders that invade a machine.

But, what PC users have that Mac users could want is total internet interactivation. So many ebook downloads or free software or membership site forums are held through non-Mac friendly software; i.e. .exe files. I've bought several inexpensive video series or internet marketing seminars that I couldn't access because they are in an .exe file. Uuufffaaa. How frustrating. Sometimes the manufacturer or seller tells you the system requirements, but often they are not listed and I have been burned.

I've got the head-tilt-eye-roll perfected. I'll get excited about downloading, say, a video series about how to maximize WordPress. Then, it's there, it's an .exe file - I CAN'T OPEN IT. Now, there's plenty out there us Mac users can access, don't get me wrong, but there is a bias towards Windows OS.

Camtasia, a program which makes online video training a snap, was offered for free, a compact version, some months ago and is still available, I believe. But only if you use Windows XP, Vista or some earlier versions. You got it, NO MAC compatibility. I've got to pay for the professional version, if they ever come out with a Mac-friendly version!

I was in a MLM, I still am but this was one early on in my internet marketing career, and they had twice a week training calls through a small program you installed on your computer, IF you used Windows, NO MAC support, imagine that. Frankly, it is reassuring that so many programmers are shut out from the Mac language, it is still an extremely secure code.

I do get frustrated still when I see that .exe file come up unexpectedly for a download I was most anxious to explore. But this computer is such a good friend and has never let me down. I keep it optimized and back up my info regularly. It goes and goes and goes. What does piss me off, though, is that I'm realizing I do need to upgrade to be able to access new Apple stuff - some electronic devices like microphones and video cams and such want the newer OS to function. Why can't both Microsoft and Apple just make a universal system that gets life-time upgrades for no extra cost?? yeah, sure, like you can stop a runaway train. I'm looking at more than $4000.00 again just to get even with my software and OS -- that's not the extras like a videocam or wireless connections.

I'm thinking about getting out of the high-tech computer biz, just use my machine to surf the net and write blogs and capsules for HubPages. This upgrading every four years is getting too much. Or, I have to make more money, that's it - just make more money so I can buy all the latest gadgets and widgets and cameras and ipods, printers and paper and software and ............

Never stops.

I gotta get back to my painting!

Anyway - technology changes like the seasons. No way to stop time, no way to stop our reliance on ever more modern micro-chip driven necessities. Sometimes I wish I never met a computer - except for the wordprocessing part. Going back to a manual typewriter is NOT an option for this writer. I've made a decision. Stop fighting the inevitable and suck it up. Upgrade, upgrade upgrade - stay on top.


Download your copy
Download your copy

Download your copy

This is a freebie. I can't use it but you can! Just a question. How many of you in HubPages use a Mac? Ã…nyone else? Leave a comment as to your persuasion.

Then go ahead and get Camtasia Studio HERE.

Early computer

How about this?
How about this?

Apple Airbook

Fits in a big envelope!
Fits in a big envelope!


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    • djeff37 profile image

      Daryl j. 

      7 years ago from Converse, TX

      I think you may miss the main reason that there are more PC users out there than make users and that is money. The cost of a simple PC desktop can be as low as $200. Even with upgrades it would never come as close as your $4000 system. For those times when you really need a PC, there is always Parallels which allows you to run Windows as a virtual machine or virtual box (inside a window). With Parallels you maintain all the security and stability features of your Mac and still can run Windows for those programs not otherwise available to Mac users.


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