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PSP Golden Compass Review

Updated on March 15, 2008

Lorek, Ice Bear from The Golden Compass

PSP The Golden Compass Review Summary

Three words sums up The Golden Compass video game for the PSP: Don't buy it. The video game is based upon the popular movie of the same name, of course. Unfortunately, it seems to have been developed as rapidly as possible in order to cash in on the movie's popularity at the box office.

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PSP Golden Compass Game - Got Problems?

During stages with lots of action, your game may freeze up in mid-sequence, lasting for a few seconds each. Graphics are also bad in The Golden Compass video game. The artwork is very basic and scenery is extremely boring.

Don't get me started on the sound. The sound effects of The Golden Compass are of the same quality and sometimes missing completely. The characters talk at the same time, and you can't understand the conversation. Sound effects are seriously delayed from the action, if they occur at all.

Just the glitches alone are enough to quit the game, but it doesn't end there. The game is simply boring. You explore areas with no clear reason why. There are many repetitive actions. Sometimes the game is confusing, with no clear instructions as to what to do next. The minigames are the worst offenders. If you play as Lyra, battles simply consist of self-defense by avoiding being hit.

PSP Golden Compass Review in 2 Sentences

If you've already bought The Golden Compass for PSP, I'm sorry. If not, please don't waste your money.

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