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Manny Paquiao's Most Victorious Fights

Updated on November 29, 2008

Manny Paquaio has made so many Filipinos proud. From humble beginnings, he was able to make it to stardom. He has become a singer, product endorser and multi-million boxer. What's good with Manny is that he has remained his feet on the ground. He sees to it that he can help Filipinos most especially those from his home town, General Santos City. To date, he is the only Filipino fighter who has made it to win four weight divisions title. His Dec 6, 2008 fight with the Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya is the much awaited fight to be watched by Filipinos, Mexicans and other boxing enthusiasts all over the world.

Some people believe that Manny will lose this fight due to the height and reach advantage of Oscar de La Hoya. However, some people say that Manny will still win this fight because he is training so hard, his is 7 years younger than Oscar, he has a great defense system and he has powerful punches. Well, whatever the results will be, let's wait till the much awaited day comes. 

Manny's victory over Marco Antonio Barrera, Juan Manuel Marquez and Erik Morales.

Manny Paquiao Knocks Out Marco Antonio Barerra 


Who Will Win the Paquaio-De La Hoya Fight come Dec 6 ?

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