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Famous Paris Landmarks

Updated on September 29, 2010

Popular Paris Landmarks

There are several beautiful Paris landmarks that tourists in France love to photograph. Probably one of the most recognized Paris landmarks is the Eiffel Tower. Other popular Paris landmarks are the Louvre Museum and the Arc de Triomphe. Check out these beautiful photos of famous Paris landmarks.

Louvre Museum Information

The Louvre Museum in Paris, France was built way back in 1190. It was originally used as a fortress. The Louvre is now the most famous art museum in the entire world. It houses famous art such as Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and Madonna of the Rocks.

Louvre Museum Trivia

Limited access was allowed by The Da Vinci Code movie crew to film inside the Louvre at night. No equipment was allowed inside the Louvre at all during the regular operating hours.

Paris, France Louvre Museum Pictures

Arc de Triomphe Facts

The Arc de Triomphe was designed by Jean Chalgrin in 1806. It is 165 feet high. It is a monument meant to honor the soldiers who have fought for France and includes the tomb of the unknown soldier. It is one of the most recognized monuments in Paris.

The Arc de Triomphe is located on the widest and most popular avenue in Paris, France, called the Champs-Elysees. The Champs-Elysees is one of the most popular avenues in the entire world. It is loaded with cafes and luxury stores. It is named after the mythological Greek Elysian Fields. The Champs-Elysees is always the last stage for the Tour de France.

The tomb of the unknown soldier is underneath the Arc de Triomphe. It honors World War I soldiers. The eternal flame was lit in 1920, and is the first eternal flame lit in Europe for more than 1500 years. It burns to honor the soldiers of both world wars who were never identified.

Paris, France Arc de Triomphe Pictures

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    • profile image

      bob 8 years ago

      pritty pictures!! :P

    • Angela Harris profile image

      Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA

      Thanks so much, Diana. It's so nice to hear when someone appreciates your time. I hope you get to Paris again soon.

    • profile image

      diana 9 years ago

      You make me so nostalgic. Living so far away in Africa one does not often get to Europe these days and Paris is really a favourite of mine.

      Thank you for writing about.

      Take care of yourself Diana