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Parrot DF7220 Wireless Digital Photo Frame

Updated on February 29, 2008

After trying out the Parrot DF7220 Wireless Digital Picture Frame, I can understand why the market for digital picture frames is continually rising.

After all, if you are going to have a picture in a frame, why not have it in something that is constantly changing? Unless, of course, you actually want to have your pictures be left unchanged in a frame for a generation or two.

However, if you’re the type whose memories are constantly changing, and you want to change the picture, or you want to create some sort of slideshow to constantly display your photos on a seven inch screen, the DF7220 is for you.

In fact, this Digital Photo Frame is made for just about anyone with its ease of use. All a user needs to do is screw in the little stand in the back, and plug it in. Downloading pictures to the frame is simple, for all that is required is to connect the frame to the computer via USB. From there, just open My Computer to the proper storage drive and do a Cut and Paste. The user also has the option of using downloading the pictures to the frame from a mobile phone or digital camera via Bluetooth.

According to the product description, a user can store up to 300 photos, but I am assuming that the full 300 can only be properly downloaded with a SD/MMC memory card. As it was, I tried to download quite a bit onto the frame, and I only got about 50 or 60 pictures in before it quit, claiming that the “storage device was full”.

One of the most amazing features of the DF7220 is the automatic adjustment feature. The frame can stand vertically and horizontally, and it will automatically adjust the pictures to fit the frame. So if you took a picture taller than it is wide, simply turn the frame in the proper direction.

The border of the frame is also adjustable. You might notice the colored stripes on the sides, and the user can switch those out with pink or green if he or she wishes.

The DF7220 is also energy efficient, and you can even program it to switch on or off at certain times in the day.

Overall, I highly recommend the Parrot DF7220 Wireless Digital Photo Frame. I believe it is out now, but I do not know where it is available or a price.


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