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Past Lifetimes & Karma

Updated on April 24, 2011

What is a Past Life?

A past life is a previous existence as a life form on earth, or other life supporting planetary body in this living physical dimension of the universe.

Previous life form on earth you may ask? You are an eternal spirit; you cannot, and will not cease to exist in the universe-the spiritual dimension. Most human beings acknowledge they sense there is some form of life after death. There are many different viewpoints on how and why this eternal existence transpires; nonetheless the belief of eternal existence is prevalent.

Other planetary body you may also ask? There are billions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy, and billions of galaxies in the physical universe. Science claimed for years that water may have flowed on the surface of Mars; now they have stated that there is frozen water beneath the surface of Mars. Who in a rational and logical state-of-mind would claim there never has been, and never will be, life anywhere in the cosmos but here on Earth? The notion of past, present, and future extra-terrestrial life is practical a certainty.

Therefore the spirit can incarnate into an extra terrestrial life form. Are they humanoid in appearance? Some maybe are some maybe quite bizarre looking! Nonetheless you can still incarnate into such a life form.

So a past life is here on planet Earth or elsewhere in the universe.

Uncovering your Past Lives

What do you fear in life? What do you dream about?

You can gain insight to your past lives by accessing you higher mind. This is achieved by calming your thoughts through meditation and prayer to achieve a more balanced state-of-mind. Achieving this mind state will allow your higher mind/spirit (same thing) to start accessing the flow of universal energy which is the medium that all knowledge flows in.

As you start to tap into the energy flow you will feel consciously and subconsciously drawn towards historical events and different geographical regions of Earth. You may even be drawn towards the stars, meaning a lifetime as on a different planetary body other than Earth. In your higher mind you will begin to subconsciously sense who you were and what you experienced in that lifetime. Trust your feelings and the guidance from your spiritual guides (angels).

That startling reality is that we all ready know about our past lives and the nature of the universe-all of us! However, while incarnated into a lifetime of learning we cannot have access to this knowledge as it would nullify the sensation of true experience and learning. Therefore you have to train your human body to process the information that is present for you in form of universal energy for your spiritual development.

You can also consult a professional psychic clairvoyant to perform a past life reading for you. Some people doubt and inwardly fear the power of psychic clairvoyance? Perhaps it is the fear of the unknown, or what the reader may tell them. A good psychic will tell you events that have transpired in you life that was impossible for them to know. When this reader passes on the information you will know in your soul what is being spoken is true.

Why uncover your Past Lives?

You may begin to consciously awaken yourself to the realization of who you really are in the transcendent universe? You may feel rejuvenated by unwrapping the inner knowledge you carry within you that may have been suppressed by yourself or even by others.

Never surrender to those that oppress the growth of spiritual awareness and/or science. There is nothing to fear in learning about science or spirituality. Planet Earth is approximately four billion years old, not five thousand.

You may achieve an inner sense of peace in your current life by understanding more of the universe, your spiritual past, and what has shaped your spirit so far in your eternal never-ending life.

What is Karma?

Karma is any kind of intentional action whether it is verbal or physical. All intentional acts whether it is positive, or negative, constitute a Karmic action. From simple perspective Karma is your spiritual bank account. It is a record of your actions that form your Karmic energy balance.

The theory of Karma historically speaking was mainly entrenched in eastern philosophy; for example, Karma is a fundamental doctrine in Buddhism. This belief was prevalent in India before the time of the Buddha. The Buddha explained and formulated this doctrine further:

  • What causes the inequality that exists amongst mankind?
  • Why should a person be raised in material and emotional luxury and another is misery?
  • Why are some people very intelligent and others not?
  • Why do people have criminal tendencies and others have saintly characteristics?
  • Why do some people appear blessed from the cradle and others cursed?

I doubt any person would think of attributing this unevenness, this inequality, and this diversity to chance. I look at the varying degree of lifestyles on Earth as a result of Karmic energy debt to the universe, but also the free will of the spirit to choose this lifestyle as a learning experience for their own growth and development. So a lifetime on Earth is subject to both The Universal Laws of "Karma" and "Free Will". Be advised that we don't need wars, famine, and disease on Earth to create an environment for spirits' to achieve Karmic balance.

What do I need to Know about Karma?

When you incarnate into lifetimes of learning here on Earth and throughout the physical universe, your destiny is predetermined by your Karmic energy balance-what you need to learn now and what you have unlearned from previous lifetimes (past lives) that needs to balanced. This is your Karmic debt that you must repay to the universe. Look at these simple examples below:

  • In your marriage or relationship; you commit an unfaithful act towards your partner. The same or equivalent will be dealt towards you, whether in this lifetime, or the next.

  • You commit an unjustifiable murder in this lifetime; therefore, you will experience an equal fate in this or another life. The karmic debt you owe will be repaid in one form or another.

We are here to learn, and we will make mistakes; we all do. You must truly learn from your mistakes and be aware that all Karmic debts will be repaid. For every negative act you unjustifiably serve on another spirit, so shall the same be done to you. Remember you live in a living breathing planet with people who have the free will to commit acts, so just because you were a victim of an unpleasant act does not automatically mean you are repaying your Karmic debt. Inwardly you will know the difference between "Karma" and "Free Will".

When you hear people say, "what goes around comes around," this is where they get it from; The Universal Law of Karma. People use Karma in everyday casual conversation nowadays-they know inwardly of Karma.

Karma in a sense is your universal bank account. It is an account of what deeds you have done. Your financial banking and investment accounts remain here on earth when you pass on. Your Karma is your eternal spiritual investment account-the only account that truly matters.

Past Lifetimes & Karma

Do you see the correlation with past lifetimes and Karma? They are inextricably together. Past lifetime actions, debts, and credits are passed on to this lifetime by the Universal Law of Karma. There is escaping the seeds that you sow . . . good or bad.

Here & Now

Does this mean that everything that you perceive as bad happening to you is a result of Karma? No absolutely not. You live on a living breathing planet; you are engaged in a lifetime of learning in an ever-evolving matrix of billions of other spirits incarnated as human beings. Situations and people change; accidents happen; we commit not so good acts despite our best intentions. So how do you know the difference from a negative or positive Karmic event from an everyday Earth event . . . search your higher mind and you inwardly will know the answer.

About the author: Sandy Andrew is the Radio Show Host & Author of the Universal Learning Series. He was born in the Scottish town of Paisley. He has lived, worked, and studied globally in Scotland, England, South Africa, and the USA. Sandy currently resides in Kansas City, USA, with his wife and daughter.


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