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People that irritate me: #10

Updated on October 7, 2008

Annoying people #10 Obama/McCain

This is the first of my 10 hub series in annoying people. I have a list of 10 annoying people and or groups.

Why start out with both presidential candidates? And why group them together? Self preservation of course. If I put one or the other ahead of the other, or fail to mention them, I get hate mail.

Why is Barrack Obama irritating and annoying? It started with the whole "change" policy. We are aware that we need change, we heard you the first 100000 times. But, perhaps you could lead the way instead of performing the whole politician route? FISA comes to mind. The beginning of your platform was about restoring rights to America, and the first major vote you make after receiving the Democratic nomination is to vote in favor of this bill. For those not familiar, it re-enforces the rights the government has to eavesdrop, and also forgives those who did so before this bill passed.

Annoyance number two is the bailout bill. You claim to have better plans, good job getting them across, and supporting the means it which it passed. Once again, not illegal but not the way the constitution meant it to be. If this is an indication of the change you are going to bring, there will be nothing different, only the person.

John McCain, a lot of irritation and annoyance here. Did you know he was a POW? It seems to be the major point of his campaign. I understand and believe me nothing wrong with it, and I am proud that he served, and happy he lived. There is no need to build a campaign on it though. Once or twice is okay, multiple times pushes the annoyance off the scale.

Annoyance number two is his choice for VP. What is wrong with Condi? Or any other number of candidates out there. Poor Palin, only been a governor for a short time, then has her and her families life thrust in the limelight. And she is not ready for it. If you were wanting to give away your campaign, you did a good job of it.

Together, the irritation is beyond belief. Cut out the mudslinging, the vague promises, the large promises and explain how you will do what you claim to do. The big bold plans you both have will take money, and its going to come from where? I am not sure if you all have noticed but we are in a financial crisis here.

Secondly, don't promise something you know you cant or wont deliver. The American people are getting over it.

Next up, coming in at number 9, Coach Phillip Fulmer of the Tennessee Vols.


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