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Personality Test: What Does Your Cat Say About You?

Updated on June 24, 2008

Being owned by a cat is more than just vacuuming hair off the upholstery and being begged for food on a half hourly basis. The type of cat that owns you actually says a great deal about your personality. Find your kitty in this list of common cat types and be prepared to have your innermost soul laid bare before you!

Imagez frum


Owning a tabby cat suggests a solid personality who pays more attention to underlying values than appearances. Your car is probably ten years old, or a bicycle. Your home tends to be a bit messy, but whose isn't right? Just learn to draw the line at leaving scraps out for more than a week at a time, there's only so many mice that kitty can catch and lovingly leave on your pillow.

Marmalade / Orange / Auburn

You like to make a statement, and tend to be attracted to loud, gaudy colors, which means that you're often awed by the design genius that put together stoplights. Orange and Green? Genius! You are likely to have quite an artistic soul, and be rather creative in your daily life, for example, when it comes time to hide the side of the couch that kitty shredded the time that you went out late and forgot to feed him.


Inherently confused, but special. Life may be a bit of a mystery to you, with the general behavior of the humans around you seeming random and disjointed at the best of times. At work you are conscientious, but you may develop a negative reputation due to the way you often hide under your cubicle desk and leap out at coworkers skittishly before slinking off for a bathroom break of indeterminate length.


Dark and austere, you may fancy yourself to be a bit of a mage, or perhaps you're just misunderstood. Either way, its pretty certain that you do have special powers, and that sometimes your cat does try to talk to you. Unfortunately the message normally isn't coming from your spirit guides on the other side, but rather from somewhere in his belly region.

Black/White/ White Mix

Like the Yin and the Yang, your life is a constant struggle to achieve balance. Your moods can swing quite wildly between joy and despair, especially at certain times of the lunar month. Sometimes you're quite friendly and gregarious, happily allowing others to give you affection, but you can turn in an instant, biting and hissing when you feel that things have gone too far.


Your pure heart and lovely nature unfortunately leaves you open to the predatory instincts of less kindly men who take advantage of you at every turn. You like outdoors and nature, and sometimes it seems as though nothing can break through into the dream worlds you go into whilst lazing in the garden. Don't worry about what other people say, reality is overrated anyway.


You have champagne tastes, though you must accommodate them on a beer budget. You are likely thinking about either changing your name to something more refined sounding, or often correct people on the pronunciation of your name, as their rough tongues butcher it and make it sound lowly and common. Chances are you have at least one monogrammed kerchief about the house, and you'd like to have your coat of arms displayed as well, only there's not enough room between the prints of famous paintings which adorn the stucco walls of your palatial two bedroom home.


You are well dressed, house proud, and your home is likely to be filled with lovely matching furnishings which have now been shredded to pieces by Mr Marmaduke Oswell the Third. The lovely silk scarf you purchased on that delightful holiday to Spain has been turned into a cat toy, and though a semblance of order is maintained in your household, you live in fear of the cat, who at any time could unleash a pool of well times vomit onto your 400 thread count cotton Egyptian sheets.

I Don't Have A Cat

You are either under an oppressive anti cat regime, or you are evi, perhaps even undead. It is well known that cats do not much care for ghosts. Maybe you should look into that.


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    • profile image

      Kailyn Kung Fu Panda Fan, My birthday is on March 9th  8 years ago

      I think those pictures were really cute!! My Cat Twister is grey with green eyes and she's also stubborn sometimes.

    • spryte profile image

      spryte 9 years ago from Arizona, USA

      Catching up on some of your case you've noticed all the comments. How did I miss you until this point?

      Loved this hub...loved the pics you included too!

      I'm compelled to point out though...I have five cats. Does this make me schizophrenic?