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Pets keep us healthy

Updated on February 24, 2008

Even fish keep me company

I visited a friend the other night and discovered she kept company with 9 cats and 5 dogs, all rescued from here and there. She had a bassett hound, a pointer, a big retriever mix and two long-haired chihuahua-terriers. The cats were all hanging around the dogs, comfortable and calm. It was quite remarkable.

I have two cats who just now get along with each other after 2 years. The older cat Mishu is very jeolous and didn't want another feline in her queendom. I got Stella to keep her company and play, but like I said, it has taken two years of hissing and fighting. They don't exactly groom each other yet, but they can lie on the bed together and almost touch.

When I see animals that get along so easily like at my friend's, I'm always a bit surprised. They should get along, but I always raise pets with attitudes! Years ago I did live in a place in the hills where we had 6 dogs between us - all happy go-lightlies, and one big siamese cat who was the king of them all. That cat, Aragorn, would settle himself on top of two or three of the big dogs and just lie there so peacefully. That was cool.

My two cats do get along with the fish in the aquarium. They like to stretch their bodies and look into the water, watch the fish swim round and round. I have a betta in there, one blue siamese fighting fish who loves being in that 20 gallon tank. We've tried putting about 6 of them in with the others, but this is the first one to live a few months. He is pretty, our Blue Fish.

They are ready in the morning to have the light turned on and the fish flakes tossed in. They kinda all gather in a corner watching me until I step up to the tank and feed them. It is very soothing observing colorful, graceful fish.

And who doesn't love a cat in their lap! The rhythmic purring and softness of their fur keep me still for at least 10 minutes. Both cats love to sleep on the bed, too, between my legs or close to my belly. When they go into sleep mode I swear they weigh 10 x their weight. It's like moving bricks. When I make the bed in the morning, Mishu pretends not to notice me. I have to move her or she'll just keep lying there while I'm fussing about. They are entertaining.

Mishu also loves to roll in the dirt. It's been pretty cold here, but on the slightly warmer days she's all over the soft dirt. She's a gray cat, a blue prussian look-alike, but when she comes in she's totally brown. I take a warm wash cloth and wipe her down while she complains but doesn't scratch. Then she'll go back out and we do it all over again.

I love dogs, but until my Mishu is gone I gotta stick with just cats. They are easier in a way, but I do miss taking walks with a sweet canine. I keep thinking a stray will find me and I'll have to keep her/him, but not yet. I don't want to go to the animal shelter, it is way too depressing, I'd end up with 20 dogs.

So, we love our cats and fish and feed the wild birds. Mishu is in my lap as I write, lovingly looking up at me with her golden and green eyes.

My cat

My Mishu
My Mishu


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    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 10 years ago from Seattle

      Mishu looks so sweet. You know, I always raised cats with attitude too, until my current two. They are so sweet, no attitude unless they are hungry.