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Philips Clock Radio AJL308

Updated on December 13, 2007

We live an age where technology changes everyday, so things like Alarm Clocks are almost becoming almost obsolete. That is, I don’t even use my alarm clock when I have a cell phone that does the exact same thing.

However, I suppose it is nice to have something that is plugged into the wall and made for the bedside. That way, the batteries won’t die, and you can always look to see where the time is. Yet, as I said before, my cell has a clock, and more advanced cells have MP3 player capability as well as photo viewing capacity.

Philips decided to take the concept of the Alarm Clock and souped it up for this millennium with the AJL308. The AJL308 alarm clock is one of those products that say they do it all, and actually does it.

After all, how many alarm clocks do you know that are a radio, MP3 player and a digital picture frame? Perhaps I’m living in the wrong era, but most of these features do not come standard on most other alarm clocks. This makes me believe that our children will actually still have alarm clocks.

Best of all, the Philips AJL308 Alarm Clock is quite easy to use. All I had to do was plug it in, and I got instant access. The controls are odd, with up and down buttons on one side then left and right on another, but all in all, it’s a pretty simple interface. It sort of resembles the controls of an iPod, but split on two sides.

Loading personal tunes and pictures is also easy since there are ports for a USB cable as well as memory cards. Getting them downloaded onto the device is pretty easy, and you can make a photo slideshow without even trying. You can also prominently display your photo on your clock, so you can, as the product advertises: “wake up with the photo of your beloved ones”.

As for the alarm, there are several programmable sounds. If you don’t like the traditional chimes or buzzing, then you can get up to bird calls, forest sounds, or even church bells. There are also some relaxation music that can play before you sleep. Speaking of music, you can do a little FM radio if that is what you prefer. You can even do some presets.

You can get it now on Amazon for about $130, but I believe there is a special going on for a sale price of $50.


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    • profile image

      Tomas 9 years ago

      Hi. I got this clock from the store, but I think I'll give it back.

      The reason is that the alarm can't be used with mp3 player.

      I would like to wake up with mp3 files from the SD.

      Do you know if there is one with such option?

      I normally use my mobile phone, but I want something like this one,

      but to be able to wake up with my sounds, just like in the mobile phone.

      Thanks for the post,


    • profile image

      Confidential Access 9 years ago

      Nice gadget.......

    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 10 years ago from Sydney

      Son 5 uses his phone ,he forgets to turn it up sometimes and I then have to ring him up.

      I am a little lucky, If a time is set in my mind to get up the brain establishes the thought process, the body is motivated and obeys

      Good hub