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Philips SA6145 4GB Go Portable Media Player

Updated on December 13, 2007

There are Portable Media Players, and there Portable Media Players. Then, there is the Philips SA6145 4GB/Go PMP, and I mean that in the most positive way. So it is time not to let the iPods dominate the PMP market. Time for other companies to make sweet PMPs such as the SA6145.

In other words, I really like the SA6145. The software download was pretty easy to download, and helped to download the latest Windows Media Player. After that, using the mini-USB made it easy to download tunes, videos, and photos. In fact, it did it all automatically, whether I wanted to or not.

The video playback it appeared to be made for is WMV. I believe the 4GB capacity makes it capable of holding 18 hours, but I’m wondering if that is a lower quality video.

Quality is really in the sound. I turned up the sound and found it to be really something. In the included video with the PMP, the helicopter sound seemed to come from beyond. Unlike a lot of PMPs, the SA6145 has a tiny pair of stereo speakers that can really blast.

As far as the controls are concerned, it really is like an iPod. There may not be a clicker wheel, but the controls are quite similar. The screen is a very interesting widescreen number with some serious digital clarity.

There are some other features that I was surprised that it had. It actually had a voice recorder that really worked well, and was easy to work. I’m not certain how much recorded sound you can store, but it says allows for 1,900 songs.

I was also surprised at the ability for FM radio. I have found that a lot of devices that say they receive FM signals, usually give a bunch of static, but this one worked right away. It even allows for 20 presets.

One of the other features that I really enjoyed is the photo viewer, and the SA6145 has the supposed capacity for holding 3800 pictures.

As for the power, it recharges with only a USB to mini-USB connection, and it is good for 5 hours of video playback or 20 hours of audio playback. When the PMP is not in use, there is a clock visible on the screen, that will automatically shut off when not in use.

If this is something that is right up your alley, feel free to get it on Amazon for about $150.00.


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      Steven 10 years ago

      That a good price for a Phillips mp3 player. Right now I'm doing a lot of research about mp3 players and this helped. Feel free to check out my blog too if you get a chance