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Please Don't Hug the Pandas

Updated on November 24, 2008

Please Don't Hug the Pandas

In recent news, a Chinese student visiting a live panda exhibit in Qixing Park in the town of Guilan, decided to scale a fence that formed an enclosure for Yang Yang, a giant panda. The panda was putting on its usual cute pose when the student apparently tried to hug him. Giant pandas are, of course, wild animals, as cute as most animals are, they should never be hugged. The student named Liu who was injured by the panda is recovering at a nearby hospital, according to the Xinhua News Agency. Liu survived panda bites to his arms and legs, which is fortunate, since giant pandas can do much worse damage. Giant pandas are not predators by nature, but like any other wild animal, if one of them senses a human is invading their space, they will retaliate. Giant pandas have claws and sharp teeth so it is not difficult to imagine the damage they can do with those natural instruments. Their teeth make it possible for them to chew bamboo, which is a primary part of their diet.

This is not the first time a giant panda has inadvertently attacked a human. In December of 2006 a woman paid money to be photographed with two cubs at a zoo in the Szechuan province of China. Her petting of the animals led the two cubs to react playfully with her but even in a playful manner, their claws and teeth can do unintended damage. As cuddly and cute they appear to be, it is common sense to not try and hug or pet a wild animal.

Hopefully Liu will recover soon and be properly compensated with a toy stuffed panda for cuddling purposes.



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