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Plus Size Secret Style Guide

Updated on May 30, 2008

Plus Beautiful 101

Welcome my curvy fashion forward sisters! This is the plus size fashion hub 101.From head to toe, I am going to help you accentuate your prize possesions and help you hide your problem spots.Everything from your hairstyle to your shoes!

The Biggest Fashion Secrets For Curvy Girls!

Secret #1:

It's what's on the inside that in your under garments!

What lies beneath your clothes is more important than any piece of clothing or accessory you wear!


Signs your bra is the wrong size and/or style:

  1. Red marks on your shoulders
  2. Breasts forced over the the cup causing the double bump
  3. The center of your bra is not touching the breastbone.
  4. Your breasts are drooping
  5. 5. Your bra rises up at the back, thus not supporting the weight of your bust.
  6. Your shoulders are being pulled forward.
  7. Your bust is not properly supported and falls forward, instead of being in its central position
  8. As you move, your bust bounces up and down and the straps keep falling off unless you tighten them, in which case they dig into your flesh, causing red marks.

Remember, your bras should always fit accurately. cups should be just right; not too big, but deep enough to contain the whole of the breast.Women with larger busts need wider shoulder and back straps for firm support. Full cups give a better appearance. Underwired bras provide better support.

You will need at least a couple of different bra styles for your clothes to look good. Wear dark-colored bras under dark tops; there's nothing worse than showing a glimpse of white bra under a black top.

Also, if you're losing weight or if your weight varies over the course of the month, a bra with a little lycra or stretch is more accommodating and won't crease under clothing.

How To Measure For A Bra

To determine the back size

(torso measurement):

Have someone stand at your side and bring a tape measure snugly around your ribcage, directly under the breast (see A in figure above).

Add 5 to the measurement (i.e. if "A is 29", the back size is 34)

After 33 inches, only add 3 inches to the back measurement (i.e. if "A is 35", the back size is 38)

Verify the back size:

Measure around the top of your breasts (the line above B in the figure above). This measurement should equal your back size calculation. For example if you measured 29 inches around your ribcage, the calculation is 29 + 5 = 34. The measurement above your breasts should equal 34.


  1. If the back size comes out to an uneven number, try the next size up.
  2. If you are in-between sizes or you are having difficulty finding the correct fit, then if you go up in cup size come down in band size or if you go up in band size come down in cup size. For example, if you are wearing a 42D, but it is a little too snug around the band, then you would move up to a 44C.

To determine the cup size

(breast measurement):

Have someone stand by your side and bring a tape measure loosely around the fullest part of the bust

Subtract the back size from this measurement (ie. if "B" is 37" and the back size ("A" +5) was 34, the difference is 3"). This difference determines the cup size.

A. Young, Full-Busted: C and above cup sizes. Breasts are fuller, firmer and require support. They can be easily lifted and molded for attractive shaping.

B. Mature, Full-Busted: C and above cup sizes. Breasts are larger and have less elasticity. They need firm support and complete cup coverage for additional shaping.

C. Large Sizes: 38-50 B and above cup sizes. A "plus size" figure with a woman's dress size of 14+. The back or body size is larger yet the breasts are not necessarily fuller. A bra that is designed to these proportions is necessary for proper comfort, shaping and support.

Although the concept of shapewear makes sense,and God knows it's been around since women wore clothing,sometimes it does the opposite of what it is intended for.

Unless you are utilizing a full body briefer, those bulges you squeezed up and in,will undoubtedly pop out somewhere else!Of course some gals are lucky enough to only have specific problem areas in which case you have panty shapers,butt lifters,tummy wraps,body suits or good old fashioned girdles.I reserve using these lingerie torture devices for formal occasions and special events. Rather,I like to invest in spandex blend camisoles or old fashioned cotton biker shorts. Those are staples in my closet and I have just as many stretch camis as bras!Which brings me to......

Secret #2:

Layer as much as possible! Using thin,smooth,soft fabrics and the right lengths can be wonderful. Avoiding bulky fabrics, shiny materials and making sure your layers show is key. It's a visual trick! Is that her layered clothing or her tummy?It also provides support and shape.

Secret #3:

All hail the empire waist! You may have noticed the latest fashion trend utilizing the tummy hiding empire waist.I say it's about time!(Image A) I used to buy maternity shirts for this style alone.Be warned though- if there is too much fabric on the lower portion you will look 20 pounds heavier! When you are shopping hold out the bottom of the shirt,if its twice the width of the bust stay clear!(Image B)

Here are some examples:

Image A

Image B

Tops,Hoodies And Jackets.....They all work with this style!
Tops,Hoodies And Jackets.....They all work with this style!


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