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Port Blair

Updated on April 6, 2008

Places to see

You have chosen a very good vacation spot. In my experience, Port Blair is a place that is remember able through out life time . Take as many pictures as possible .

There are multiple ways to explore port blair .

  • You can rent Motor Bike in Port Blair - In 2001 , We rented one for Rs150 / Day with a Rs1000 Refundable Security Deposit. Carry your license with you .
  • Other Best way is to take a all day Cab , So you can go where ever you want . A Cabbie is also a good tour guide and also you can keep your belongings in the car , when you travel in and out of islands .
  • You get Auto rental too , Which is best way to commute for point to point land commute.

Wear Light clothes , The Weather is Warm .Carry less items and make sure you have Water bottle with you most of the time.

I think - The Cellular Jail needs an entry ticket , for an extra cash - you get to take your camera inside the jail. It is worth taking pictures of Torture Cell. It would take 1-2 Hours to complete the Jail tour . They have light and sound show . There are few South Indian restaurants in the downtown portblair near the Jail .

Corbyn Cove is a calm and rough sand shore beach . Normally it is inhabitant by foreigners . There is a beautiful Dalmia resort right opposite the beach . It has a hutment type restaurant.

Ross Island - is a deserted island, Which has been un inhabited after an earth quake. This is a very interesting island , where you can find the homes and post office, left after the earth quake . It takes 1-2 hours to visit this island. It takes a 20 minutes ferry ride from port Blair .

Jolly buoy Island [JB] is a small island of the size of a School .Carry very minimal items to JB , however, carry water . The ferry ride to JollyBuoy[JB] from Portblair is around 60-90 minutes, the return journey is quite rough - The boat comes via. the ocean - If you are prone to sea sickness , eat less . I would suggest eat/carry energy bar . JB is famous of snorkeling and blue water beach . The Water is as fresh as you can imagine. Take swim attire to do snorkeling . Almost all guides have the snorkeling kit [You will be on the surface of the water , which just your head inside the water] , who can take you to the ocean and tour the corals. On the way to Jolly buoy , there is a flower garden .If you have time and it is sunny day , worth visiting to see different types of flowers.

Chiriya Tapu is 40KM from the portblair , It is famous for Sunset . It is a lonely and scenic drive .It is hard to find parking near the tapu. Be prepared to walk at least 500 Meters.

Perhaps , if you get up early any of the sunny mornings , Take a walk along the marine drive of Portblair - It is worth a walk . With the Sunrise , pleasant breeze, and you walking on the pavement of marine drive - can make you feel completely relaxed.

The Mall road has got good shopping opportunity . There are customs checking , while returning from Port Blair. So , be aware of not to carry any shells or reefs from portblair.

Have a safe and memorable vacation .

Blue and Clear Beach

Jolly Buoy
Jolly Buoy


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