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Updated on October 16, 2006


Psychology refers to human behaviour that affects the body and mind. What the mind is thinking is acted by the body. When there is too much thinking the body can not cope to many problem solving that the mind is doing that it results to illness or call it stress. Some may be able to overcome but others will not which may lead to serious form of mental illnes like depression. Massage therapy could help to induce sleep . To ease the mind just think that inside your head is filled with plain ketchup or peanut butter in that way the problem-solving that is going on inside your head would stop and the mind will rest and sleep will come by. If there is someone who is bothering you whom you fear so much that you cannot sleep ,you cannot forget your fear you can create a glasshouse in your mind where you can put that someone and just watch him or her , The glass becomes a deterrent in going directly to your mind .


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