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Radio Free America

Updated on September 26, 2008

Where is the Freedom They Sing About?

It is my belief that this country is no longer the shining light of freedom that it used to be. People used to flock to this country because this is where they could do their own thing without getting persecuted for it. It was the land of opportunity.

And in many ways it still is. I want to create a series of hubs that outline how it is becoming less and less over time. Or how other countries are becoming more free than our own. The management of our system is deteriorating and it's the responsibility of our people to fix it.

If you have a thought, please share. If you have an example, even better.

Jackson Icon
Jackson Icon

Jackson, WY

I understand that if you have a group of people that all want one thing one way, they should all band together and have it done their way. But to make it law? That's where the government has overstepped its authority in my opinion.

I think Jackson Wyoming is a medium-level example. I love the town, but I noticed that all the buildings on main street have that rustic out-west or rich cowboy look to them. When I asked about it, I was told that all businesses were required by law to incorporate that into their architecture.

So if you want to start a business in Jackson, are you free to choose your style?


My kind of carwash
My kind of carwash

Wash Your Car in Washington

I heard yesterday that it has been made illegal to wash your own car in your own driveway with industrial cleaners around Vancouver, Washington. It is unsafe for the environment. And yes, even in a town where it rains all the time, people still wash their cars.

If you've ever heard of an ecological footprint, you should know that Americans are the highest in the world with an average of nine acres per person (depending on who you talk to). When you dilute a cup or two of detergent in the columbia river, that footprint size change is negligible. Believe me, the Columbia has much bigger problems than how many people are washing their cars.

And they just made it illegal to wash your cars with industrial detergent! It is perfectly legal to wash your cars at a business or wash with environmentally-friendly soap. How are they going to know unless they actually show up and snoop around in your shit? To me, this sounds like a car wash owner bought off a lawmaker.

Free? NO.

It Aint Your Property in Utah

An old acquaintance of mine has an average-sized property in Utah. He built a log-cabin ish type house next to an old deteriorating house on the same lot. He was in the lawn-care business and his garage was crammed with everything from push mowers to snow machines to tents... everything except his truck.

In order to increase his storage space a little, he decided to add a little lean-to to his garage. It was probably five or six feet high, ten feet deep, four or five feet wide. He was good with tools and construction so the lean-to looks professionally done.

Two years later the city of Hyrum notices that a "structure" was added to his property without the city's approval. They tagged him with a five hundred dollar fine for doing his own thing.

I understand the need for safety inspectors and whatnot. This was a fucking lean-to. It was not a structure of any notable magnitude. Free? NO.

This dude covers his ass with a shirt. Still illegal.
This dude covers his ass with a shirt. Still illegal.

Dude, Your Ass is Showing

I heard over the radio this morning (reliable source of information, I know) that it has been made illegal to wear catholic beads as well as saggy pants here in parts of Oregon.

Beads are apparantly a gang symbol now. WTF. I still need to look into this one in greater detail.

But saggy pants. Is this really indecent exposure? First off, a hundred years ago women were just barely able to show their ankles in public. Now some soccer mom thinks it's inappropriate that one kid's boxers are showing above their jeans. I agree that it looks stupid, but that's their choice! It's not like you're seeing bare skin. You're still looking at an item of clothing. And lastly, if you don't like seeing it, what the hell are you doing looking in the first place?

A 17 year old kid spent the night in jail because of this new law. At this rate we'll all be wearing uniforms in a generation.

Free to express yourself. NO.


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    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      Guru, good hub.  Carson, California (near Long Beach) has the same law - or did the last time I was there.  All new businesses must match their exterior to the same theme.  They all have it.

      I have mixed feelings about the baggy pants law.  I've seen male celebrities do it in magazines in a way that looked great.  Of course, to pull this off, you have to be shirtless, be wearing cool looking boxer-briefs, have only a certain amount of said cool boxer-briefs showing, and, of course, have a "queer-eye" dude there to make sure everything was "just so."  As for the kids on the street I've seen attempting to sport this look, I would love to see that no underwear showing law come to where I live.

    • Science Guru profile image

      Science Guru 9 years ago

      Howdy all. Let me here the weird or stupid laws that exist in your neighborhood. I'm going to try to make this a weekly thing here on hubpages.