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Rani does it for her brother Raja

Updated on April 26, 2008

When Rajaa Mukerji launched his television directorial venture 'Kisi Ki Nazarr Na Lage' this week, sister Rani Mukerji made sure she graced the occasion to support him. Rani, who entered the event with hundreds of flash bulbs and dozens of television cameras vying to catch a glimpse of her infectious smile, was not keeping too well that evening. In spite of that she tried to put up her best and wished Rajaa loads of luck.

The event also witnessed Rajaa and Rani's family joining in, along with the entire cast of the soap, turning up to show their solidarity. "The soap is a highly emotional family drama, depicting authentic Bengali culture, a facet which has rarely been explored on Indian television," said Rajaa Mukerji. It will be aired at 1pm, Monday to Fridays, starting May 5, on DD1.

'Kisi Ki Nazarr Na Lage' features the late Shubhiraj along with Aroop Pal, Sanjeev Seth, Komolika Guhathakurta, Kashish Duggal, Ashish Kaul, Vikas Anand, Ekta Sharma, Damini Kanwal Shetty, Abir Goswami, Shivani Gosain, Buddhaditya Mohanty, Shabnam, Kaliprasad Mukherjee, Krutika, Kapil, Trupti, Subrat Sarcar and Mamta Dutta in the lead cast.

Written by Damini Kanwal Shetty and Raaj Shetty, other credits include lyrics by Gagandeep Brar, title music by Anuraag Ware and Rajaa Mukerji, playback singing by Priya Bhattacharya, editing by Pintu Gupta, concept by Rajaa Mukerji and camerawork by Digvijay R. Singh. While Rajaa Mukerji has directed the soap, it's being produced by Krishna Mukerji and Jyoti Mukerji.


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