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Recipe To Feed Your Family For Under Ten Dollars

Updated on May 12, 2008

Easy Chicken Vegetable Stir-fry

This delicious recipe for Chicken Vegetable Stir-fry is easy to make, delicious and will cost less then $10.00 to feed a family of four. I remember being a single dad. It’s a tough job and I am glad that I made it through. During those years of child support, visitation and the other related challenges, I learned how to cook good meals on a restricted budget. I enjoyed the challenge and continue to cook even though I am remarried to a wonderful woman that is the best cook ever!

Chicken Vegetable Stir-fry with Rice and Garden Salad


2 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 large green pepper

1 medium red pepper

1 onion

¼ cup of stir-fry sauce

2 tablespoons of oil


2 cups rice (brown or white)

Table spoon of oil


See Garden Salad Recipe


1.) Rinse and trim the chicken breasts. Slice breasts in half lengthwise. Cut each quarter into thin strips of approximately ¼ inch.

2.) Using a clean cutting board cut the peppers and onions into strips about 1 1/2 inch long and ½ inch wide.

Stir Fry

Add ¼ cup of oil to a large pan and heat until a drop of water sizzles when splashed in the pot. Add the chicken and stir. When the chicken is almost cooked (it will be white throughout) add the onion and stir. Wait about a minute then add the peppers. Continue to stir occasionally. Cook until the onions are soft and beginning to turn translucent. The peppers should be soft but still have a small crunch.

Remove from heat and serve over the rice.


Cook according to instructions.

Garden Salad

See Ten Dollar Dad Recipe.

This is a basic recipe that you can spice up any way that you like. Add mushrooms, spring peas, broccoli, squash or whatever you like to the stir-fry. You can also experiment with a variety of stir-fry sauces to add to the mix. Have fun and experiment. Find something that your kids will enjoy.

Dad’s tip – buy some inexpensive chopsticks when you shop and use them instead of silverware. That will add some fun to the meal!

Ten Dollar Dad

Ten Dollar Dad is a series that gives dads (and moms) insight into how to feed and entertain their family on a budget. The recipes are designed to feed a family of four for under ten dollars. (Cost may vary depending on location and market prices but if you shop wisely you should be able to keep the price under ten dollars.

The series comes from years as a single dad when money was tight. Now that I am remarried to a wonderful woman (check out her blog) I am still learning new recipes and ways to entertain my two young daughters.

You can visit Ten Dollar Dads blog that discusses ways for kids to earn their own money. The site contains useful information and insights that will help you teach your kids and teens financial responsibility while earning their own money.

I hope that you enjoy this recipe and the other Ten Dollar Dad pages. Drop me a line and share your experiences.


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    • LauraVerderber profile image

      Power Ball Pythons 5 years ago from Mobile, AL

      Hi, I added a link to your article on my hubpage for a mac and cheese recipe because I think readers would benefit from the information. Mac and cheese is filling and makes lots of food for cheap, so I thought my recipe would fit with feeding the family for under $10.00 as well.