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Recycling true love, dealing with breakups

Updated on June 22, 2007

Your love, it is delicate like a novelty shaped potato chip

The end of love is always hard to deal with, all those warm good feelings turn upon themselves and that thin line between love and hate dissolves, leaving nothing but the tumultuous lava lamp like effect of sadness and anger and hurt to bubble between the couple.

The end of the relationship might come for a range of reasons, infidelity, different life goals, changing sexuality, chronic incompatibility, alcoholism, other forms of addiction, abuse, the list is almost never ending.

No matter what the reason, there are often a range of emotions to deal with, one way to avoid most of these is to simply let the relationship drag on until the only feeling you can possibly muster at the end of it all is relief. This may rob you of several years of your life however, and lead to depression and ill health. For this reason, many people end their relationships in an explosion of emotion, leaving each partner sitting in their new flat, storage unit, or childhood bedroom at their parent's house, trying to figure out what went wrong, and how they could have possibly become entangled with such an asshole.

These emotions need to be expressed, and are often done so through excessive consumption of alcohol and sugary treats. Unfortunately, this is rather a waste of these powerful energies. Just imagine all the good that could be done if these were harnessed and recycled into positive behaviors, rather than squandered and dissipated in binges.

Here are a few ways to use your post break up energy in a positive manner, cleansing yourself of the negativity, and making a positive difference to the world.

Join your local neighborhood watch group: Perhaps you'll catch a little punk peeking through your neighbor's window, or maybe seeing someone breaking into their garage. What better way to get rid of some of that anger than leaping upon them and making a citizen's arrest. There's no justice quite like vigilante justice.

Write angry letters to the editor: Take a stand on things that annoy you. Read your paper cover to cover and then pen a strongly worded letter to your local newspaper editor on anything that irked you. Everyone loves a strongly worded letter. When it is published, clip it out and post it on your noticeboard. If you write enough you can paper your whole house with them, making a fun conversation point for friends and mental health workers.

Become a professional wrestler: Wrestling needs a steady stream of new bodies as the old bodies limp out or are carried away on a stretcher with broken necks and whatnot. Being a professional wrestler will give you a unique opportunity to wear outlandish spandex outfits and make threats of grevious bodily violence against other without even the slightest risk of conviction.

Think on these options, and tailor them to your own life, don't be afraid to be an innovator. The important thing is that you channel your energies in a new and positive direction. That way, the healing can begin.


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