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Relationship Tip #6-Cards, Where to Start?

Updated on September 23, 2008
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Sunshine is a wife, mother of four, a relationship expert, a journalist, a photographer, a public speaker, and author.

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Everyone loves getting greeting cards, but when you’re the sender, what do you choose? From e-cards to printables, and store bought to homemade, how do you know the difference between something that will make your lover smile, and something that will melt them into your arms? No act of thoughtfulness goes unnoticed, but here are some guidelines that will help your act score you big points.

  • E-cards are the least personal cards. It seems that every other website offers free e-cards these days, and it only takes a second to choose one, and then off it goes into outer space, landing in the email box of your choosing. You don’t even have to get off your rear end and leave the computer to let your loved ones know that you’re thinking about them. The problem? They feel cute but impersonal, everyone knows the lack of thought that has to go into them, and some of the free e-card sites blast the recipient’s computer with pop-up ads, or throw cookies in their cookie plates.

  • Printable cards are more acceptable to give loved ones, but only if you actually take the time to personalize them, and set your printer to a setting better than fast draft. It also helps to use nice paper or cardstock, because regular printer paper gives your creation a cheesy feel. Although better than e-cards, because you actually took the time to print them out and give them away, they still are at the bottom of the specialness meter.

  • Store-bought cards may be mass-produced, but the warm fuzzy feeling one gets when they open one is much more measurable than the latter two. When a lover opens a store bought card, they know that you got off your tookis, left the house, scoured the card section for the perfect words to say what they feel, and they spent money! Store-bought cards can run anywhere from 99 cents to a few bucks. You can find cards that just say a few words, play a favorite song, or you can record your own words with a recordable greeting card. If you want extra points, mail it to your lover’s office. No office? Mail it to their home. There’s something special about getting a card in the mail.

  • Homemade cards give that personal touch that only you can give. Not only that, but it shows that you took the time and thought to make something special for your lover. These cards will surely be the most cherished and kept cards in your lover’s life. Always go for the extra points on this one too. Splurge for that stamp and stick it in the mail.

Most lovers’ have a keepsake box to keep special things in over the span of a relationship. If you were granted permission to see your lover’s box, you wouldn’t find e-cards, low quality printed cards, or even store-bought cards that didn’t have any thought behind them, but if you made a card with your own hands and imagination, it would be there for sure. Keep that in mind the next time your bottom is glued to that computer chair and you’re scanning the free e-card sites. You’ll thank me later.


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    • Libsmommy profile image

      Libsmommy 9 years ago

      Love this article lol...definitely had me smiling, laughing, and realizing I may be a little lazy.