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Robin Quivers on The View Video - April 14 2008

Updated on April 21, 2008

robin quivers on the view

Here's Robin Quivers (from The Howard Stern Show) on The View. April 14 2008.

Robin Quivers

Quivers lives in Staten Island, New York, with three cats. From the mid-1990s until April 2007, her longtime boyfriend was a man mysteriously referred to on the radio show as "Mr. X." His anonymity to the Stern audience was merely to protect his career. Since then, Quivers has occasionally referred to him as "Tony." On April 23, 2007 Robin called in to the Bubba The Love Sponge Radio Show and announced she and Mr. X had separated.

Quivers also became the subject of much discussion, primarily focused on her personal health and well-being. In June 2007, Quivers began a strict vegan diet which included special organic energy shakes. The diet also included use of an "infrared blanket," allegedly used to "sweat away badness," and she also began a coffee enema regimen. The use of coffee enemas has managed to shift into her professional life (for obvious reasons). In addition to the newfound diet, Quivers informed the world on September 12th, 2007 that she had begun treatment with the controversial EECP machine, which is essentially a giant blood pump, typically reserved for people suffering from severe angina.

During the July 31st 2007 broadcast of the show Robin confessed to having a sexual attraction to the actor Peter Dinklage, this became a source of ridicule by the on air team in subsequent shows.

In August 2007, comedian Jim Florentine asked Quivers to go on a date with him live on the air. Due to the attention this garnered, Quivers has become tight-lipped about the topic due to a fear of the Howard 100 News team reporting any details on the radio. However, on September 26, 2007, Robin acknowledged that she has dated Jim.

In 2007, Quivers switched to a vegan diet which she says helped to increase her energy and helped her to lose 60 pounds over a six month period.[3]


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