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SKYFi3 by Delphi

Updated on November 29, 2007

It seems like every device is inevitably outdated, or will be replaced by something bigger and better. Even radio seems dangerously close to becoming out of date in the wake of iPods and Sattellite Radio. In fact, many of the newer models of cars feature Satellite Radio as a standard feature, and there is no doubt that it is in demand.

But what about people who want Satellite Radio but do not want to have to purchase a newer car? Fortunately, there is the SKYFi3 + Vehicle Kit made by Delphi. The SKYFi3 works with any car with an FM radio, and is designed for taking tunes on the road.

The SKYFi3 comes with a cradle full of buttons for preset stations. It also comes with a mounting area, as well as antennae for clearer reception. The device itself has a 2.8 inch screen so that the user can see what tunes he or she is playing, and is very simple to work while driving without getting distracted.

The SKYFi3 is more than just an XM or Satellite radio player, it is also a recorder. There is about 10 hours of internal memory in the device that is completely non-removable. Delphi even goes so far as to see that it has the potential for unlimited MP3s.

I believe that may be a bit of an understatement, but you have the ability to record XM content onto an attached miniSD. In fact, Delphi has said that they are the first Satellite receive to have a miniSD card reader/recorder attached. I suppose you can then download those tunes recorded on that to a cellphone, who are beginning to have miniSD card readers as standard.

Another feature is the 30 minute pause and replay that allows you to stop and go back to your listening for a long time. This can even pause while the user is listening to music or content on other channels.

If you haven’t got on the XM Satellite radio track, you probably should. You can get the SKYFi3 for the retail price of $199.99, but is also available at the Shop Delphi site for just $119.99. I am guessing that you will probably have to pay more for the monthly subscription to XM Radio as well. This is still a good deal in comparison to the Sirius Sportster 4, which does not come with any capability to store content.


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