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Sam and Max Season One Strategy Guide 1: Culture Shock, Part 1

Updated on November 28, 2008

The first task of this mission is to get your phone back.  Unfortunately, Jimmy Two-Teeth has stolen it, and he demands cheese to get it back. 


Go ahead and walk over to the closet door that is located to the far right of the office.  Open it up, and there is a pile of cheese there.  Select the gun from your inventory box and shoot that cheese full of holes.  Go ahead and grab the holey cheese, and drop it in front of the rat hole. 


You will then be in a position of interrogation.  Here you will play “Good Cop Bad Cop”.  Select Max, and have him say the third comment down.  The Rat will complain that he has a headache.  Switch to Sam, and then say “Got a Headache, Eh?”  Sam will ask a question that will prompt Jimmy Two-Teeth to answer about his fear of heights.  Switch back to Max, and click the “I’ll Hang You Out to Dry”.  Max will hang the rat out the window, and he will give the phone back. 


Time to head out the office, but before you do, grab the Boxing Glove on the window.  You should also go into the corner and grab the Bowling Ball.  You should also turn on the television and see a commercial for “Emetics”.  That concept is going to come in handy later. 


When you get to the Street, go to the right.  You will bump into Specs, who doesn’t really tell you much, except that there is the Eye-Bo video by Brady Culture.  He tells you that it is at Bosco’s Inconvenience, which is a good place to go to now. 


The first thing you will notice when you get to Bosco’s is that he believes that his new helper is part of a conspiracy.  Eventually you will get to a dialogue selection that asks “We’d like to buy something”.  Ask “What have you got”, and he will talk about something behind the counter.  This is a tear gas grenade launcher.  He will require ten thousand dollars for you to get it, so you will need to give a way a huge ticket. 


Don’t leave just yet.  Bosco’s helper, Whizzer is stocking Eye-Bo videos.  You should definitely go and take one of the videos. 


Leave Bosco’s Inconvenience and stop by the office on the way back.  Go ahead and select the Eye-Bo video on your inventory box and put it in the VCR.  You will note that has a hypnotic effect on Jimmy Two-Teeth. 


While you are by the television, you should turn on the television to learn more about the Soda Poppers: Specs, Whizzer, and Peepers.  It is pretty funny, and it is the reason why you would buy this game instead of some other game.  While you’re at it, listen to the blurb about Brady Culture. 


Go on out of the office and go to the Desoto.  As you are out on the road, go ahead and rear end the first car that you see.  You will be following this car closely, so switch to the gun mode and shoot out its taillight.  Switch to the megaphone mode, and tell it to “Pull Over”.  The driver will ask why he was pulled over, and you can say a “Hideously Broken Taillight”.  He will pay you ten thousand dollars. 


Go on and get out of the car, and head back to Bosco to pay him the ten thousand dollars.  He will give you the “Tear Gas Grenade Launcher”, and he will show you his new automated defense system.  Apparently, it is designed to keep stuff in the store, so don’t try and take the cheese, or pull out any weapon. 


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