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Sam and Max Season One Strategy Guide 10: Reality 2.0, Part 2

Updated on November 28, 2008

Walk over to the refreshment bar to the left and select the sludgie machine.  Select the Blue sludge and engage it in combat by using the long sword.  Select with item and use the long sword.  You will have some blue slime that you can use to get a better sword. 


Go out on the street, and you might have noticed a +2 sword atop Virtual Sybil’s.  If you try and grab it, it will be stuck.  Select the Blue Slime use it as a +2 sword lubricant.  You will have the sword now. 


Stop by the control room, but grab that jack-in-the-box before entering.  While you are in there, turn off the pop-up disabler.  Go and grab your computer bug while you are at it.


Go ahead and go to Virtual Boscos.  You will have to use the Long Sword and hit him.  Switch into reality, and talk to the Actual Bosco.  You will need to talk to him about his bank account.  Eventually, you will say “Look Behind You”, at which point you snatch the binoculars.  Go ahead and select them in inventory and look at Bosco.  You will see his password, named himself. 


You can go to Bancolavadaro, but you won’t be able to enter in.  You will notice that the other cars that enter have a color pattern that works according to the license plate.  Each letter symbolizes a color.  Go ahead and use the Rainbow Paint on the car.  Since your license plate is BRP, use Blue, Red, and Purple.  You can now enter the bank. 


You will then come to a grid.  The trick is to cook the books.  Go ahead and select the cook the books option on Bosco’s thing and use the code word of “Bosco”.  From then, it is a matter of cooking the books selection and turning arrows to transfer the monies.  Once you have $1000 million in Bosco’s account, you will be back on the virtual street. 


Go ahead and see Bosco, but go back into reality.  She will give you the virulent disease, which is in the form of a Kleenex. 


Go back into reality, and walk up to Auntie Biotic.   Use the +2 sword on her, and combat will begin.  Use the Defend with Item option, and chose the Jack in the box.  If you have engage the pop-ups, you will be shielded from her attack.  You can then attack her with your +2 sword. 


The only thing left to do is put the computer disease in the mail box.  The game will soon become unstable, and will become a text adventure. 


Heat “Get” and then “Respect for Living Things”. 


Go Down. 


You will see the Corporate Presence eating the Respect for Living Things. 


Go Up. 


Go Northwest. 


This is Sybil’s. 


Go Southeast.


Go East.


Get Bosco’s. 


Go West


Go Northwest.


Use Bosco’s with the NauseatingLake. 


Go Southeast.


Go Down. 


Use the Nauseating Bosco’s with the Corporate Presence. 


Get the Respect for Living Things.


Go Up. 


Use the Respect for Living Things on the Internet.  


The level will end here. 


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