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Sam and Max Season One Strategy Guide 11: Bright Side of the Moon, Part 1

Updated on November 28, 2008

After a long cutscene, there will be scene on the moon.  There won’t be much to do with the Lunar Lander or the Visitor’s center at this point, but you should stop to see Agent Superball at the Retreat Entrance. 


Keep talking to him, and he will eventually talk about “Spectrum Analysis”.  You will be given a unicorn that you need to rub, but you will be at yellow level.  Unfortunately, you need to be red. 


Go ahead and go back to Earth.  You might as well stop by and see Sybil, where she will announce that her present career of choice is Queen of Canada. 


Go ahead and stop by the office.  Go ahead and take the coat hanger from atop the television set, for you will need it later. While you are at it, stop by the closet and select Leonard.  Max will mention something about the “Deed to the United States”.  Remember that for later. 


Go ahead and stop by to see Bosco. He will have in his possession an Earthquake Maker, but it will cost about a hundred trillion dollars.  You’re probably wondering where you are going to acquire that amount of money.  Good question, but I’ll answer it later. 


In the meantime, go to the microwave oven at Bosco’s and put the unicorn inside.  The horn will be red, and you can head back to the moon. 


Stop by the Lunar Lander.  Select the coat hanger from Inventory and use it on the Lander door.  You will be able to go inside and get the key.  The lander will launch, and then go down again.  This will come in handy later. 


Go ahead and see Agent Superball, and select the unicorn to show to Agent Superball. 


You will then go to the Blister of Tranquility.  Go ahead and talk to Lincoln’s head.  He will mention his power gastrokinesis, the power to make people throw up.  Unfortunately, he swallowed it, so now your mission is to get the power of gastrokinesis out of him. 


You will note that he still has feelings for Sybil.  Select “We’ll Help You with Sybil”.  You will put Lincoln on the phone, and he will need to say things that are related to Sybil. 


For example, he needs to say “Just Relax, Baby”.  That matches the sign at Sybil’s office.


Since Sybil has a fox in her office, make him say “Lady, you a stone cold fox”.


Since Sybil is now queen of Canada, you might want to mention that you want to “Play some one-on-one love hockey”.  


Lincoln will then barf up the Gastrokinesis idol. 


Go ahead and stop by and visit the COPS (those obsolete machines in the corner).  They will talk about a talisman that allows you look within.  Eventually, they will talk about the game, and you need to play it. 


This game, Tic Tac Doom.  Ironically, the way to get the prize in this game is to actually lose the game. This is actually a lot harder than it sounds.  I swear the game is playing to lose.  You have to let the video arcade machine get three O’s in a row.  He will then give you the Lead Vision Talisman. 


You might as well stop by and see the chicken, who is unsuccessfully trying to pull a rat out of a hat.  There is a way to get him to do the trick right, but it requires some item that you will now need to go get. 


Leave the retreat and head to the Visitor’s center.  Go up to the bent spoon display, and select it.  The Mole/Curator will tell you that it is in an indestructible case, but that isn’t quite true.  Sam will automatically take it, but he will be frisked as he leaves.  The only way to get the spoon bending talisman is to select it while in the store, and select Max.  Max will try to catch it, but will then eat it. 


Walk out of the store, and then go to the Lunar Lander. Select the Gastrokinesis talisman and then select Max.  He will barf up the Bent Spoon Talisman, and Sam can select it and select the rocket engine underneath the Lunar Lander.  Select the Lunar Lander key, and go in for a quick boost in the air.  You should be able to get the Spoon Bend Talisman and use it. 


You should get into the Desoto and head to Earth.  You see that Bent Meter that Jimmy Two-Teeth is resting on in the street?  Use the Spoon Bend power on it.  Jimmy will fly off, and this will be important later. 


Go ahead and head back to the moon.   Go into the retreat and go to the Rainbow Elevator in the Center of the room.  You will find yourself in a room with an intimidating door.  Use the Lead Vision Talisman on it, and you will see a bowling ball on a sconce.  Both of them are over a button.  Don’t ask me why someone would have a setup like this, but if you use the Spoon Bend Talisman on the Sconce, the ball will fall on the button and open the door. 


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