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Sam and Max Season One Strategy Guide 12: Bright Side of the Moon, Part 2

Updated on November 28, 2008

After a long cutscene, you will go and meet Hugh Bliss.  Hugh will split Max into three evil doppelgangers of his hand, his stomach, and his tail.  You have to stop all three of them before you can stop Hugh.


You can also stop the evil Max with the evil hand.  Go over to the statue of Hugh Bliss and use the Spoon Bend Talisman on the giant Spork.  Get as close as you can to the Red shooting Max and wait for him to stand on the rollercoaster car.  Take out your gun and shoot the roller coaster button.  Max will ride the coaster and hit his head on the bent spork.  Max will now have his hand back. 


You need to leave the room and go see the chicken Philo Pennyworth.  He will be able to perform the hat trick, and the hat is yours. 


Go ahead and exit the retreat.  You will see the blue lazy Max on the way, but you won’t be able to collect him now.  He will be too heavy to move. 


Get to the car and go back to Earth.  Make a stop by the office.  Go ahead and use the Gastrokinesis Talisman on Leonard in the closet.  He will barf up the Deed to the United States. 


Take the Deed to the United States and go to Sybil’s Office. You can ask her about improving Canada, and you can give her the Deed to the United States.  She will buy the United States for One Hundred Trillion dollars, the exact price that Bosco wants for a certain item. 


Go ahead and see Bosco, and you will find a Gluttonous Max eating up lots of stuff.   Feel free to give Bosco the One Hundred Trillion Dollars, and he will give you the Earthquake maker.  Note that it will only work on the moon. 


Now it is time to stop green evil Max.  Get near him and pull out the magician’s hat.  You can then give a rat to this gluttonous Max.  After he has eaten it, take out the hat and pull out the rat once again.  This time, he will have a stomach clinging to him, and Max’s stomach will be refilled. 


Head back to the moon.  Note the American flag has been changed to the Canadian flag.  Walk over to the slothful Max, and take out the earthquake maker.  The satellite will crash, and the blue Max will flip over.  Select him and you will snatch his tail. 


Head up to Hugh Bliss’s sanctum atop the Rainbow Elevator once again.  It will then be revealed that Hug Bliss is nothing but a colony of living Bacteria. 


He will put Sam onto a spinning wheel.  Sam can save himself by using the spoon bend talisman on a spoon that is all the way to the left and above him.  He will then get a Magic Talisman that will allow him to change places with Hugh Bliss. 


Soon you will be in the saw box with Hugh sawing.  Use the Magic Talisman to change places, and try and saw him.  It won’t work, unfortunately. 


Hugh will summon the Lunar Lander, and you will get in it.  Use the Magic Talisman again.  Hugh will cause the Lunar Lander to land safely, and you will be in a vat of water. 


Use the Magic talisman, but you still won’t stop him.  In fact, you will be back on the spinning wheel. 


Can anything break this cycle of death?  Yes.  Just use the magic talisman on the spinning wheel again.  When you end up in the saw box, saw the Lunar Lander instead of Hugh Bliss.  The Lander will collapse. 


Now Hugh will put Sam in the cleansing Vat once again.  Sam can use the Magic Talisman one last time, and switch places with Hugh.  Select the key and go into the Lunar Lander.  The rocket engine will ignite, and boil Hugh Bliss to death. 


That is the end of the game. 


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