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Sam and Max Season One Strategy Guide 2: Culture Shock, Part 2

Updated on November 28, 2008

Go ahead and head past the office to Sybil’s.  Sybil won’t be there, but one of the Soda Poppers, Peepers, is in her place.  Go ahead and open the closet door, and the badly-kidnapped Sybil will return back to her desk.  The only thing to do now is knock out Peepers.  Start by hitting him with the Tear Gas Gun, and then smack him with the boxing glove while he is crying. 


After Peeper’s limited statement, it will now be time to take out the other members of the Soda Poppers. 


Start by going back to the alley by the Desoto, and you will find a Can of Spray Paint on a gold-colored car.  Go over to the Brady Culture graffiti on Sam and Max’s office building.  Use the Spray Paint on the picture, and Specs will come to correct it.  Go into the office, and select the Open Window.  You will get an overhead view of Specs correcting your improvements on the graffiti.  Select the bowling ball and then Specs.  The ball will fall down and clock Mr. Specs on the head. 


Go back to Bosco’s Inconvenience.  Go ahead and take the Cheese from the display table.  Go on to where Whizzer is and select the bathroom.  Whizzer will then need to use the bathroom and will leave his crate behind.  Select the cheese and put it in the crate.  Whizzer will cross the threshold, and a boxing glove will knock him out.  Go on and select him, and he will tell you that Specs knows the hideout of Brady Culture. 


Go back to the Desoto, and select the unconscious Specs on the way.  He will get up and drive away in a van.  All you need to do is select the gun in chase mode and shoot the van. 


You will find yourself at Brady Culture’s Home for Former Child Stars.  In order to get in, you need to fill out an admission form to prove that you have “Artificial Personality Disorder”.  Take one of them located to the left of the monkey.  You will notice that there are three symptoms, and they are different every game. 


Get back in the car to Sybil’s.  Select the Admittance form, and then click on Sybil.  She will want to psychoanalyze you, and you must pass this three-pronged test for her to check off that you are affected by Artificial Personality Disorder. 


Start with the Inkblots.  The key is finding the ones that are related with your obsession.  If it is Fame, then answer the questions with the responses about Hollywood.  If it is money, answer the questions about money. 


Now, on the Free Association, you have to have a Violent Reaction to whatever subject it is.  So, when Sybil says a word, take out a gun and shoot her when that word is close to your subject.  For example, if you are testing for a violent reaction to dentistry, and you hear the word Crown, shoot her.  Also, if you want a violent reaction to hair styling, and you hear comb, shoot Sybil. 


For Dream Interpretation, you have a chance to select a lot of weird things.  In this room, you can select multiple things that represent your third major malfunction. You have to match whatever the third symptom is.  Usually it is the person in question and the bakery.  For subconsciously want your peers get older, you will need to select Max as the person, and a birthday cake. 


Once you get the form filled out, go back to Brady Culture’s Home of Former Child Stars.  Insert the completed form into the form reader, and the cage on the door will open.  Enter into the door. 


After a long cutscene, you will be back at Bosco’s, holding a crate.  You will be unable to control your actions, but you can do a few things.  For example, when you pass by the cheese on the table, you can grab it and put it in your crate.  Do this fast. 


You will be knocked out and enter another dream-like scenario.  You will have to take Brady Culture out in several ways. 


On the television, remove the coat hanger on top.  Brady will be defeated here. 


Open the closet door and you will see Brady Culture made of cheese.  Go quickly to the bicycle pump and use it to inflate Jimmy Two-Teeth to a gigantic size.  The rat will eat Brady Culture for lunch. 


Go to the light switch by the door, and select it.  This will turn off the Brady Culture that is hanging on the lamp. 


You will notice the floating Max head.  Stand underneath it, and whip out the pistol.  Shoot the one way sign on the wall, and gravity will reverse itself.  You will catch Max’s head and add it to your inventory.  Then all you need to do is select the head and click on the Brady Culture with Max’s Body. 


You will awake in Bosco’s shop.  Go ahead and ask him some questions, and Bosco will mention that he has always wanted to build an anti-hypnosis device of some type. 


Go ahead and go see Sybil again.  Ask her for help, and she will eventually give you the plans for an anti-hypnosis device. 


Go ahead and go see Bosco and give him the plans for that device.  He says that he needs an “antenna thing for the top”. 


Go back to the office and grab the coat hanger from atop the television.  Go ahead and give him the coat hanger, and he will make you the Anti-hypnosis Helmet. 


Drive back to Brady Culture’s home, and you will be able to confront him. Unfortunately, the Soda Poppers will try and stop you.  So you must stop them.  I found that asking the soda poppers to Become Brady Culture, causes the option of “Worship” to appear.  I then asked them to “Worship Me”.  I then asked them to “Worship themselves”.  He then keeps saying that everything is about me.  This is your queue to tell the Soda Poppers to “Attack Me”.  The level will end.  


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