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Sam and Max Season One Strategy Guide 3: Situation Comedy, Part 1

Updated on November 28, 2008

In the Office, you should probably go to the television and just see the Myra Stump show. 


Your next step is to go and see Bosco.  Ask him what he has.  One of the things he will reveal is that he has a Voice Modulator for about One Million Dollars.  He will also have one can of shaving cream.  Go ahead and get the shaving cream, and a rat from the Skin bodies will take it.


Leave and head to the Desoto.  You will then be after the rats. The trick is to make the Skinbodies in their tiny car steer toward the open manhole cover in the road.  I found the best way was that when you see the manhole cover coming, shoot the rats.  They will move toward the manhole, and fall right in. 


Once you get the shaving cream, go ahead and stop by and see Sybil.  Keep talking to her, and you will find that she wants a photo with an alien in it.  Leave Sybil’s place and go back to the car, and head to the TV Studio. 


When you get to the studio, go ahead and talk to the director.  You will discover that she wants you to audition.  When she acts like you have “full blown rabies”, take out the shaving cream and select Sam with it.  You will need to make Max cry.  Go ahead and take out the Tear Gas Grenade Launcher and shoot Max with it.  Max will then shoot you, and you will be allowed into the studio. 


Go ahead and get into the Sitcom door.  You will then be asked to go through a scene.  When the Director starts filming, go ahead and grab the lampshade.  Select the lampshade and the use it to select the cow.  Go ahead and grab the plate, select it from the inventory box and select the cowpie.  The chicken landlord will pull the cow’s tail, and you will be asked to explain its reaction.  Say “Moo Goo Gai Pan”, and the chicken will eat it.  Max will deliver his line, and the scene will be played. 


You will be given a tape, so go ahead and take it.  Go through the “Embarrassing Idol” door, and you will see the Soda Poppers as judge.  The other one is Peepers.  It will take a while to go through the whole cutscene.  Important to note:  Specs like the high notes, and Whizzer will always vote for his brother. 


After the scene is over, walk over to Peepers and select the notecards near him marked “Peeper’s Lyrics”.  Peepers will allow you to take them. 


Go ahead and go to Who’s Never Going to Be a Millionaire.  You can try and go into Myra’s studio, but she will require a video tape, a signed contract, and proof of a scandal.  You only have one of these right now.  Getting the others will require a million dollars, and you are going to cheat in order to become a millionaire. 


First, you have to talk to Hugh Bliss.  Get him to do a magic trick.  He will ask you to Pick a Color, and select Green.  After that, select “Can I Get a Photo with you”.  You will then have a photo you will use later for Sybil. 


You will have to play the game show once.  Just go to the podium on the left and select it.  The question is completely random and no answer you give will be right.  What you need to notice is that Hugh Bliss put the cards in a small pocket on the host’s podium. 


Go to the host’s podium and select Peeper’s lyrics from the inventory, and then select the Cardslot.  You should be able to go back on the game show and answer a question that is a little bit easier to handle.  You will now get the one million in food stamps. 


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