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Sam and Max Season One Strategy Guide 4: Situation Comedy, Part 2

Updated on November 28, 2008

Leave to through the door you came in, and on the Sitcom set, go to the door for the Cooking Set.  You can talk to the director if you want, or you can just select a pot, and the tape will roll.  When Max asks what you are making, reply “A Cake”.  It doesn’t matter what you put in the cake, but just select oven when you have had enough cheap gags from the ingredient area.  You can take the cake with you. 


Go ahead and exit, walking through the sitcom door and onto the Embarrassing Idol set.  Go ahead and talk to Whizzer, and you will discover that it is his birthday, and he will also declare that he is allergic to tomatoes.  This is not just extraneous information. 


Go on and you will be transported to the main street.  Make sure to make a stop by Sybil’s, and give her the photo with Hugh Bliss.  She will print the paper with the fake headline. 


Go ahead and make another stop at Bosco’s.  Before you go inside, go to the newsstand and get a copy of the Alien Love Triangle.  Step inside and present Bosco with his one million food stamps.  He will then give you the Voice Modulator, which is nothing more than a helium balloon with an inhaler. 


Before you leave, go to the one area with the condiments.  Select the cake in inventory, then the condiments.  You will now have a cake covered with ketchup. 


Get to the car and go back to the TV studio.  Go to Whizzer and give him the ketchup covered cake.  Whizzer will then drop out of the competition as a judge. 


Before you step up the microphone, select the Voice Modulator and use it on Sam.  Go ahead and use the microphone, and select the lyrics for any song you want.  Since you will hit the high notes, Specs will judge you worthy and Max would have done it anyway.  You will be given a contract. 


Go into the Sitcom Door, then through the Game Show Door.  If you go through the Talk Show door, you will have what it takes to come in.  Unfortunately, you need to be famous.  But you will need a recording contract, a clip from a TV show, plus proof of a scandal.  You will have all three of the ingredients there. 


Now you will be on Myra’s show.  The culprit will be the Teddy Bear on her desk, and you will need to take it out.  After one line of dialogue, and she will just yak for a while.  Use the Voice Modulator on Sam, and then select Myra.  Use the dialogue that says: “I would like to relieve my Embarrassing Idol Glory”.  Sam will sing, and his high note will shatter the glass of water on Myra’s desk. 


Go ahead and talk about the Alien Love Triangle.  Sam will say that there was someone else involved.  When she asks who, say “Bessy the Cow”.  Myra will move the microphone, which will result in her being shocked.  This will end the chapter.


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