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Sam and Max Season One Strategy Guide 5: The Mole, The Mob, and the Meatball, Part 1

Updated on November 28, 2008

The first thing you should notice is an Ace of Spades that falls by the Rat Hole.  Go ahead and grab that card and leave. 


I suppose it is time to go to Bosco’s Inconvenience and find out what high-priced device that you will be using on this particular mission.  This time, he wants ten million dollars.  While you are there, you should talk to him about the Anti-Delivery Camera.  Apparently, he is afraid of having merchandise put on him again. 


You might as well stop by Sybil, and you will find out her new career:  A professional trial witness. 


Go ahead and go to the DeSoto and go to Ted E. Bear’s Mafia-free Playland and Casino. 


There are several things to do there when you arrive.  The first is to go over to the Whack a Rat machine.  Go ahead and select a Token from the ones that the greeter has given you.  This is one of those games that has to be conquered, but you are given plenty of chances.  What you have to do is shoot the orange ones and ignore the yellow. After 20, you will be given a Ted E. Bear Refrigerator Magnet. 


Go ahead and go to the table and play Leonard Steakcharmer.  You have to play Indian Poker.  This is where you put a card on your head and bet on what you think you have.  You may notice that there is a shot of Leonard looking at something in the distance, and then smiling.  You will lose the first round, and any other round after that unless you can stop him from cheating. 


Go ahead and go to the Clown Nose that hovers over the door.  Select it, and you will see a reflection of Leonard.  So this is how he cheats: he has a mirror to see his own card!  The key is to make him see what he wants to see. Go ahead and select the Ace of Spades from inventory, then select the Clown Nose. 


Go back and play Leonard Steakcharmer again.  All you have to do is Bet, and you will get ten million in tokens. 


You may notice that you can’t get past the Back Room Door unless you have a password.  You will also notice that when you pull the one-armed bandit slot machine (using a token), you will see a fellow member of the Toy Mafia enter in and whisper the password.  You will need to go and get it, and the only way to do that is to leave, go to Bosco’s, and lay down the Ten Million dollars to purchase the Listening Device. 


Go back to the Casino, and to the Back Room door.  Select the bug from inventory, and use it on the Guard.  Use a token to pull the one armed bandit again.  You will see someone come through, and the bug will hear the password.  Just grab the bug, and you will hear the password of “Leave the Gun, Take the Cannolis”.  It is a simple matter of saying this to the guard. 


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