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Sam and Max Season One Strategy Guide 6: The Mole, The Mob, and the Meatball, Part 2

Updated on November 28, 2008

Of course, solving this puzzle just opens up more.  Now you need to “lean on” Bosco, “whack” Sybil Pandemix, and then recover the meatball sandwich that was stolen from the casino area. 


Leave the casino, and go to Sybil’s office.  She will seem nervous, and part of it has to do with her new habit of drinking copious amounts of coffee.  The best thing to do to help her quit that habit is snatch the coffee cup from her desk. 


Head over to Bosco’s.  Go to the condiment stand and fill Sybil’s coffee cup with ketchup.  It is amazing how much use ketchup gets in this game. 


You should then open a dialogue with Bosco.  Tell him the one set of dialogue of “Look, It’s the Toy Mafia!”  Since Bosco is paranoid, he will look and see one and get very nervous.  While he is distracted, slip the refrigerator magnet on the Anti-Delivery Camera.  It appears the Anti-Delivery camera can be used against itself.  Go ahead and put the Teddy Bear given to you on the Sales Table in front.  Your first task is complete. 


On to the second task.  Stop by the office, and you will see Leonard Steakchamber trying to sell the sandwhich he has stolen.  He will point his gun at you.  This would be a good time to switch to Max, and say something like:  “Hey, is that a cap gun?”


From there, it is up to an interrogation of Your Mama jokes.  All you have to do is switch off on jokes. 


Here are the samples:


Sam:  Yo Mama’s So Fat

Max:  She has more folds than an origami accordion!


Sam:  Yo Mama’s So Radiant…

Max:  If She Fell into Nuclear Waste, no one would notice!


Sam:  Yo Mama’s So Thrifty…

Max:  She brings coupons to the Penny Arcade!


Sam:  Yo Mama’s So Punctual…

Max:  She showed up early for her own funeral!


Sam:  Yo Mama’s So Perky…

Max:  The Only Time She’s Low is at a Limbo Contest!


Sam:  Yo Mama’s So Vulgar…

Max:  Her Mouth would make a longshoreman blush!


I think five will do it, but Leonard will then reveal the location of the arm.  This will cause you to automatically exit the office. 


Return to Sybil’s, and select the mug from inventory.  Select Sybil and the mug full of ketchup will be right in front of her.  Take out your gun and shoot the mug. It will look like Sybil was shot in cold blood. 


Get in the Desoto and return to the Casino.  Put the arm on the one-armed bandit, and use a token to pull it.  The original meatball sandwich will be revealed. 


You have finished getting doing the three tasks.  After a long cut scene, it will be time for a car chase.  What you need to do is shoot the billboard that hangs over the road.  You have to shoot it as you pass under it.  It will fall on the car that is pursuing you. 


Once that is accomplished, you will find yourself automatically back at the casino.  Go through the Sinister door, where you will met the mole.  The mole will hypnotize you, and he’ll ask you to shoot Max.  Go ahead and shoot him, but make sure to use the cap gun that you got from Leonard. 


Max will fake his death, and you will be free to explore while the Mole reads the paper.   Go ahead and go to the left and take the screwdriver.  Use the screwdriver on the one-armed bandit, and its voice box will fall out.  Walk behind the conveyor belt and put the voice box in the hopper.  This will cause the mechanical arm to make a reject teddy bear that will fall out.  Go ahead and present the hypnotic bear to Larry, and he will think he is on fire.  He will go over to that fire extinguisher, but it won’t budge from the wall.  Go ahead and pull the lever, and Larry will be sucked up into the vacuum. 


The adventure will end. 


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