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Sam and Max Season One Strategy Guide 7: Abe Lincoln Must Die, Part 1

Updated on November 28, 2008

After the cutscene, you will arrive at the White House entrance.  Unfortunately, the Secret Service man named Superball will not let you in.  You will need to go to the right to look at the pay phone.  You should also go to the pool, and grab the Boxing glove. 


Head back to the office, and go into the alleyway, where there are camo posters.  Go ahead and read them, and one will fall that says “Give me all you got”. 


Keep going right and you will see Hugh Bliss trying to sell his books.  Talk to him, and say the line where he asks him to do a magic trick.  When he disappears, go and grab the sign that says “Free Home Delivery”.


You should stop by Bosco’s Inconvenience, and his high-priced item of this game is Truth Serum.  You should also ask him what smells, and this will lead to a discussion about the age of the Hot Weenies.  This will come into play later.    


Go ahead and stop by the Office.  Use the phone to call the White House and use the dialogue that says “Please Hold”.  Agent Superball will hold for quite a long time.  You can now go to the White House and walk through the front door. 


Go ahead and talk to the president, and ask about interpreters.  I think you need to leave and then go back, and Whizzer will be there.  Talk to him, and ask him about the M.R.S.A.P.P.  He will talk about his soda addiction, and this is important. 


Talk to the president and tell him that “We Are Ready to Interpret”.  After Whizzer talks say “What’s a Guy Got to do to get a Drink Around here”.  He will drink a soda, at which point Sam should say “Which Way is the War Room”.  Whizzer will run toward it, and Chuckles the secret service agent will take him away. 


You will now be free to bean the president in the head with the Boxing Glove.  You will discover that the president is a fake, and the Lincoln statue from the Lincoln Memorial will come to life. 


Go ahead and go into the White House and steal the pithy campaign slogans.  Go ahead and go out to the White House lawn.  Go on and plant the Organic Listening Device on him.  He will talk for a while, and get the Bug back. 


Make sure that you grab a Flyer that is front of Lincoln’s podium.  Put all the signs like (say them) and the Pithy Campaign slogans. 


Now the trick is to make Lincoln say these things putting the correct cue card in the right place for him to read.  Select Lincoln, and say “Let’s Talk about the issues”.  Then select “How Would You Describe Your Tax Plan”, and make sure he says “Give Me All You Got”.  You can stop the debate and switch the card if you mess it up.  You will be given multiple chances.


He will go down in the polls.  Ask to talk about the Issues.  This time ask about “Where do you stand on religion in the schools”.  Make sure he responds “Two Wrongs don’t make a right”.  He will go down in the polls again. 


For the last one, ask “How do you plan to solve the problem of toxic waste?”  Make sure he says “Free Home Delivery”. 


Get back to the Desoto, and go and see Sybil.  Go ahead and select the Flyer from Inventory and put it in the Application box.  You will notice that Sybil will be interested in seeing Abraham Lincoln on a date. 


Use the phone to Call Sybil at the Office. 


“I, Abrham Lincoln, am that Man”. 


“This is a Date that will be remembered for centuries to come”.


“I stand here at the steps of the White House”


“The Time to act is now”.


The cutscene will show Sybil trying to address the president, and the scandal will cause President Lincoln to lose the election.  He will also go on a rampage.


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