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Sam and Max Season One Strategy Guide 8: Abe Lincoln Must Die, Part 2

Updated on November 28, 2008

Now, to go into the White House Office.  You can go to the War Room.  Go ahead and grab the ribbon off of the desk.  Select it from the inventory and put it on Agent Superball, and select any of the “Secretary of…” options. 


Go ahead and go to the Calendar.  Select it, and grab the post it that says “Today”.  Put it on the 26th.  Max will declare that it is Secretary’s day.  Go to the agent and tell him that it is a vacation, and he should leave.  He will, but you can’t let you in.  Apparently, you need to be at War to enter the War room. 


Go back and see Sybil.  Talk to her, and she will talk about how she has switched from a Dating Service to a Carbon Dating service.  She will use a carbon dating device to find the age of a Tiki idol on her desk. 


Go back to the White House and select the National Budget Book on the president’s desk.  You will now see that Sybil Pandemik’s Office is an option to select, so select it. 


Return to Sybil’s office, and she will have skipped town.  Go ahead and grab her Carbon Dating Device.  Leave and go to Bosco’s, and use the Carbon Dating Device on the Hot Weenies.  This will now make Bosco’s a Historic Site. 


Get back to the White House, and go to the National Budget.  Select Bosco’s Inconvenience as a Historical Site.  Go back to Bosco’s store, and ask him to give you the Truth Serum, or bottle of Vodka. 


Go back to the White House and select the vodka from inventory.  Go ahead and give the Vodka to Whizzer, and this will somehow star a war.  It will also start an interesting dance number from Agent Superball. 


When you are in the War Room, go into the Targeting computer.  If you want, you can blow up Antarctica and Krypton, of all places.  You should note Bosco’s Inconvenience. 


You need to go back to Bosco’s Inconvenience, to the one sign that says: “Buy One, Get One”.  There is a Beacon there behind the camera, and you should grab it. 


Go back to the Desoto and this time select “After that Rampaging Lincoln”.  You will notice that you can select the beacon along with the gun, so select it and throw it at Lincoln.  When you see the scene where it gets stuck on his back, go back to the White House. 


Go back to the War Room, and the Bosco Inconvenience will be switched to Lincoln.  Hit Fire, and that will be the end of the Level. 


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