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Sam and Max Season One Strategy Guide 9: Reality 2.0, Part 1

Updated on November 28, 2008

Go to Bosco’s, and see what high priced item.  This time it is a biological weapon for 1 billion dollars, but you have to “pay online”. 


You will also notice a cannon.  Jimmy Two-Teeth will try and shoot you with it.  While he is reloading, grab Jimmy Two-Teeth.  You can now take the rat and his cannon with you. 


Go and see Sybil.  She has some VR goggles on and is literally in another world.  You need to snap her out of it.  Go ahead and shoot her with the rat in the cannon.  Talk to her about her new Beta Testing job. 


Go ahead and leave and go to Lefty’s.  At any other time in the game, this door is locked.  At this time, you will have COPS.  The Computer Obsolescence Prevention Society.  Talk to them.  Eventually you will try this new reality, and it will dispense a new chip.  It will also give a pair of goggles for Max. 


Head back to Sybil’s and use the chip on the goggles.  Immediately, Sam and Max will be transported to Reality 2.0.  Note the scenes have changed, as well as your items.  There isn’t much in Sybil’s office that you can use now, so head out. 


There is a cop guiding a mailbox named Auntie Biotic.  She keeps any virus getting in. You will have to face her later, but you need a few things first.


Go ahead and go to past your Virtual Office and stop by the Hugh Bliss/Internet Wizard.  Ask him to do a “Magic Trick”, and he will give you some rainbow paint for your car.  You will need that later. 


Stop by and see Virtual Bosco’s.  Talk to him about what to buy, and he will offer the “Wooden Long sword”.  It will be for 5 gold coins.  You will need to find the coins. 


Go into the Control room where you will encounter the Cops.  You might as well turn off the Control Computer by selecting it.  The Pop-ups will now be disabled, which will help you later. 


Go ahead and stick the Virtual bug on the talking computer, and you will become two-dimensional.  Go into the Virtual Sybil, and you are thin enough to slide underneath the closet door and get the first coin. 


Go back to the Control Room, and take the Computer Bug off the talking computer.  Go ahead and put the bug on the phone.  You will shrink in size.  Go ahead and leave and head to the office. 


You won’t be able to get up the step to your office, so switch back into reality and go into the real office.  Put on your Virtual Goggles, and your small size will be enough to get you into get into the rat hole and you can grab the coin that you need. 


Leave the office and go back into Reality 2.0 when you are back on the street.  Go back to the control room, and get the bug from the phone.  You will return to normal size, so go ahead and put the bug on the video arcade machine.  Gravity will be lost, but this will come in so handy. 


Go outside and select the coins.  You will have the coins in one long jump.  Go back to Virtual Bosco and give him the coins. 


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    • sukkran profile image

      Mohideen Basha 8 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.

      i love to read you, it is very interesting.