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Sarah Palin : Fact Vs Fiction

Updated on September 11, 2008

In last couple weeks since Sarah Palin's Nomination for Republican VP candidate there have been numerous rumours about Sarah palin. In this article I have tried to separate facts from fiction about Sarah Palin. Feel free to write your comments.

1) Sarah Palin Banned books in Alaska Libraries- FICTION.

2) DId Sarah Palin support "Bridge to Nowehere?"

Sources say that she supported it at the beginning and went against it when she was running for Governor. However, the state still used the federal money received for that project, and was allocated to general funds and used on highway maintenance among other projects.

3) Sarah Palin got a huge amount of earmark funding while she was Mayor for Wasilla.

Yes, News source say she got more than 27 million in federal earmark funding. She had hired the infamous lobbyist Ted stevens who helped acquire that funding.

4) Sarah Palin does not support abortion even in case of Rape and Incest.

Fact- CNN played a previously recorded interview where she admitted she beleives in life and does not support abortion even if it was in her own family.

5) Does she really beleive in " Drill baby drill?"

Fact- She beleives drilling in Arctic is the solution for America's Energy independence,

6) Does she beleive that Alaska Wolf Population affect the Moose habitat?

Yes, and thus she beleives they can be hunted.

7) She beleives Global warming is not Man made.

Fact- She beleives its not Man made and Praying is the Solution.

Hope some of these were helpful. Please, Check again for part II of the article with more facts and finction.


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    • starrkissed profile image

      starrkissed 9 years ago from Arizona

      LOL praying is the solution for an end to global warming? Yea.... glad I'm not voting for that side.

    • CotterHUE profile image

      CotterHUE 9 years ago from Japan

      This reiterates a lot of what has been in the media. However, sources for the fact and fiction would greatly help to inform voters. Nicely done.