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Scrolling Digital License Plate Frame

Updated on June 26, 2007

Everyone once in a while, I’ll get some irritating guy on my tail while I’m driving on the freeway. I think you know the type: he’s got his high-beams on, or he’s way to close, or he’s doing something that just makes me not want to see this person ever again.

Well, now you can send that person a message (preferably non-offensive) with the Scrolling Digital License Plate Frame. The device is a simple license plate frame with red LEDs that carry your message like a mini-lightboard. In all honesty, it’s a pretty simple device that I had wished I had thought up myself.

The Scrolling Digital License Plate Frame comes with 99 preset phrases, including “slow down” or “your lights aren’t working”. It even includes “help me”, but I have no idea why you would use that. You can even put things like “turning left”, which doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, isn’t that what turn signals are for?

Even though it has so many preprogrammed messages, I would rather have them all be programmable ones. Unfortunately, this only gives you the option of five, and these have to be 120 characters long. I guess this means I can still use: “Hey, what is up? Are you trying to blind me and run into me? Turn off your brights and lay off of my bumper, all right?” (This is 120 characters long, I counted.)

Of course, I’m not really certain how you program this, but it looks like it comes with a wireless remote. It certainly looks like it would take quite a while to create one sentence, kind of like text messaging on my cell phone. Too bad you can’t program while you drive, because you could really freak out the guy in the green Volvo by writing: “hey, you in the green Volvo”.

Not only are there some obvious complications with driving and entering characters in at the same time, but certain states do not permit a license plate frame of this nature. I’m not certain why, but perhaps it has to do with someone reading a license plate frame and not paying attention to the actions of the car in front of them. Can you imagine after the accident? “Hey, I wouldn’t have hit you if you hadn’t put such a tantalizing message on your license plate frame.”

The Scrolling Digital License Plate Frame costs about $59 USD. Now all they need to do is come up with a scrolling windshield that prints the word backwards, so I can send a message to the driver in front of me.


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