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Self Help CDs for Veterans Families

Updated on November 6, 2008

Helping Veteran Families; Our Unsung Heroes Veterans Helper is my new website that seeks to support Veteran family members giving care to veterans who wrestle with the PTSD. Research shows that PTSD can and often does have negative impacts on family life. It also shows that if on the other hand, family health is maintained, veterans with PTSD are better able to cope and improve. How can family health be maintained in the face of the difficulties PTSD presents? It is no easy task. Veteran families need and deserve support.

With this goal in mind, the Veterans Helper Self-Help CDs were created by mental health graduate student,Lori Olson (me) and is made possible by collaboration with author John Errett's Books for the Brave Program and hypnotist Tim Bartley. This self help CD is designed to support family members by increasing self awareness and reshaping the future by letting go of the past. It uses metaphors in a manner that are modeled after the conversational hypnosis of legendary master hypnotist, Dr. Milton Erickson, to reach the subconscious mind. The goal is to bolster caregivers with self affirmations and a positive outlook.

The CD may be obtained with a $20 donation (self help CD retail value of $29.99) to author John Errett's Books for the Brave Program. For every donation, Errett is sending 2 of his "The Owl and the Hawk: an end to terrorism" books (a $40 retail value) to a First Responder Department to use in their fund raising efforts. Since 71% of First Responder Departments are volunteer departments, fund raising is crucial. The Books for the Brave program is designed to help departments raise funds and to increase public awareness about the continued threat of terrorism. When public awareness is increased, the public's support for our front line and home front defenders is increased as well. For more information:

*Olson's father was a World War II veteran, sister is a retired NYPD detective and son is entering the Air Force.


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