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Shamita Shetty and her comedy movie Hari Puttar

Updated on June 18, 2008

The gorgeous Shamita Shetty made her debut in Bollywood with Yash Raj Films' Mohabbatein. Though her career graph as an actress has not been too fascinating since, Shamita has impressed audiences with her item numbers-she will be seen doing the same in Hari Puttar-A Comedy Of Terrors. Excerpts from an interview where she spoke about Hari Puttar, her sister and her upcoming films.

She says about the song in the movie Hari Puttar, "This is a fun, peppy Punjabi number, a very groovy dance number.Well, the producer of the film is a very dear friend of mine. He came to me with the concept. He was very organised-with the entire concept of the song-and he even showed me a mock video. I loved it and I also loved the song. It's really good and will be a hit. The experience was really good. I enjoyed myself a lot. It's not a hard-core choreographed song so we were not under any kind of pressure and so enjoyed our selves a lot."

Shamita says about how a promotional song help a film, "I think the promotional song concept is really in right now and even big banners include one these days. I think such songs do help in leveraging the film. So, this song will be called an item number. I don't understand the definition of an item number and how people tag a particular song as an item song. All I know is that this is a special song in the film, which I am glad to do.

And she tells her chemistry with the kid in the movie "[Laughs] Well, the chemistry was good. Zain is a really good dancer and he is not camera shy. In fact, he's dynamite when the cameras are rolling. I am not working with him in the film, but from what I saw he is a great performer.

And she tells us about her future projects," Well, I wish I could sit here and predict my future and tell you when I am coming in which film, but frankly I don't have any thing right now in my hands. I'm waiting for a nice and exciting script. We have heard that you opening your own production house. Yes, we are coming out with our own production house... probably next year. So right now I am concentrating more on it.Shamita also says about her sister Shilpa,"I think Shilpa deserves every bit of success that she has gained and I am very happy for her. And no, she is not getting married. We will definitely let you know when she plans it."


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