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Sharp AQUOS SE94 HDTV Series

Updated on February 29, 2008

Considering we are less than one year away from the big change from analog TV signals to full-blown HDTVs, it stands to reason why electronic product makers everywhere are preparing for the big changeover on February 2009. Hence the big HDTV makers are all trying to put their best foot forward for consumers everywhere.

I have to admit that the Sharp/AQUOS SE94 HDTV series has the potential to be a consumer favorite with what they refer to as a “Cornerstone” design. That means that it was made slimmer as well as lighter than Pioneer’s regular flatscreen HDTVs. The speakers below are detachable, and the picture quality is at 1080p. It has a Dynamic Contrast Radio of 27,000:1, a 10-bit ASV panel, and 5-wavelength backlight system for vibrant red and truer greens. All of this brings a clearer picture as well as terrific sound.

One of the best features is the AQUOS net, which has the ability to provide “customized web-based content as well as real-time customer support directly from the AQUOS television”. While the user may not have complete access to the World Wide Web, they can access certain “widgets” in order to receive updates on weather, stock quotes, or even read the latest comic strips. All of this is accessible from the wireless remote, and only takes up part of the screen.

Another unique feature is the excellent customer assistance. A user can communicate with a customer service representative, and then have the customer service rep adjust settings on their television from a distance.

I’m not certain how this service works, but apparently there is something on the service reps end that can control certain functions on the SE94. So if you’re having trouble with your picture quality, the rep on the other end of the phone is going to adjust the screen from his or her end, and a user will see it on his or her end. So there will be a lot of conversations such as: “The screen just looks weird.” and the guy on the other end will say: “Okay, I’ve made some adjustments. How’s it looking on your end?”

The SE94 is available in three types. The 46-inch LC-46SE94U is for about $3,199.99 MSRP, the 52-inch LC-52SE94U is for about $4,199.99, and the 65-inch LC-65SE94U is for about $10,999.99. All of these are available now at the Sharp/AQUOS site as well as wherever electronic retail stores are stored.


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