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Signal Booster for Cellphones

Updated on January 25, 2008

Wi-Ex Package Cover

Antenna on the roof

Base Unit on the kitchen cabinet

Maximum reception on cellphone ( 6 bars)

Wi-Ex Cellphone Amplifier

Quality and consistent cellphone signal transmission are becoming more and more important as we increase our dependence on cellphones.

Recently, my wife and I discontinued our home telephone service and decided to use our cellphones as our only means for phone communications. This saves us a substantial amount of money. Unfortunately, our home is in an area with pretty poor cellphone signal. Usually, the signal strength in our backyard is 2-4 bars on the phone (out of maximum of 6 bars). Inside of our house the signal strength is reduced to 0-3 bars. This causes a lot of dropped calls or poor voice quality.

Recently I purchased a WI-Ex cellphone amplifier system and installed it in our house. I researched many different brands and picked Wi-Ex because of many excellent testimonials and CNET's excellent rating (8.6 out of 10).

The system includes:

1. An antenna which looks like a plastic tube of 18" long and 1" in diameter. The antenna may be placed inside of the house (for the easiest installation), on a window (for better reception) or outside of the house (for best reception). I installed the antenna on our roof (see picture) in order to ensure the strongest incoming signal. Usually, the signal strength on our roof of 3-4 bars.

2. A 35' long cable which connects the antenna to the base unit inside of the house.

3. The base unit (see picture 2) which receives the weak signal from the antenna, amplifies it and wirelessly retransmits it within the house. The model I purchased (YX510-PCS-CEL) is good for a house of up to 2500 square feet in size.

4. Power supplier, which looks like the power plug of a cellphone, which plugs into a 110 volt outlet and supplies electric power to the base unit.

The installation took approximately one hour and was straight forward. The manual is simple and easy to follow. Once the instalation was completed and I powered the system was nicely surprised with the results. Now, the signal strength inside of our house is consistently 5-6 bars. We have not had a single dropped call since the installation; the voice quality is as good as a regular phone and our cellphones remain charged 2-3 times longer than before (this is because the cellphones use more power when the incoming signal is weak).

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has problems with weak cell signal at home.


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    • acalix53 profile image

      Angel Calic 5 years ago from San Jose, California

      Victor....Thanks for the hub connection...I like your writing.

    • vic profile image

      vic 10 years ago

      Thanks, it sure does the job.

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      This is really fantastic!