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Skull Candy FMJ iPhone Headphones

Updated on February 18, 2008

As iPhone users know, most regular headphones are completely incompatible with the iPhone headphone jack. I believe it has something to do with the length of the connector. Skull Candy has marketed some headphones built for the iPhone, called the iPhone FMJ.

The FMJ stands for “Full Metal Jacket”, and I am assuming that this has very little to do with a certain Stanley Kubrick Vietnam movie that was really weird and sad. The Full Metal Jacket is an allusion to the tightly-wrapped coiled metal cable that is quite strong.

I’m not certain whether the cord has the tensile strength of a chain, but how strong do you need it to be? I mean, you’re not going to play tug of war with it. Worst case scenario, you’ll drop your iPhone and use the headphone cord as a bungee cord. Then the worst thing you’d have worry about is wrecking your iPhone.

But enough about the strength of the headphones, how is the sound? Well, observe these specs: the iPhone FMJ can put out five hundred mW worth of input through its 11mm speakers, with a frequency range of 16 to 20K Hz.

Not only can the iPhone FMJ gave out sound, but it can take it too. For attached to the headphones is an in-line mic that is perfect for those iPhone users who like to walk, talk, and listen to music all at the same time.

Before I go further, I don’t want to let the label fool you. These iPhone FMJ headphones don’t work with just the iPhone, and the Blackberry Curve. They work for just about anything that is headphone compatible. Even now, I’ve got them in my computer and I’m listening to it playing a DVD movie. Believe me, there is a difference in sound. The FMJ are not those cheap headphones that you can buy for under five bucks at your local Wal-Mart. This is quality sound that I am hearing, and it is made for the era of High Definition.

Not only do the Skull Candy FMJ headphones come with all the great features I’ve listed above, but they also have a cool EVA carrying case that shuts with a zipper. It also comes with a supply of COMPLY foam tips, so you can fit it into your ears quite comfortably. However, I have to admit that right out of the box, it fits quite comfortably in the ear, blocking out almost all background noise.

The Skull Candy iPhone FMJ headphones are available in Black, Chrome, and Silver for a price of $79.95.


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