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Smashed Hits #2: Country Songs About Beer

Updated on December 30, 2007

Beer for My Horses by two country greats

Toby Keith joins country legend Willie Nelson for the duet, "Beer for my Horses."
Toby Keith joins country legend Willie Nelson for the duet, "Beer for my Horses."

Best Country Songs About Beer

Okay. I bet you read this title and said, "All country songs about beer drinking." Not true. Okay, close to true. However, not all country songs have beer in the title. Here are some popular country songs about drinking beer.

"Keg in the Closet," by Kenny Chesney

If this song does not bring back college memories, I don't know what will. Totally fun drinking song about a bunch of young friends having fun during the ever-so important years of life.

"Beer Thirty" by Brooks and Dunn

In the style of "It's Five ‘o Clock Somewhere" this is a fun drinking song that basically says, it's always time to drink-at "Beer Thirty." You can always count on Brooks and Dunn for some good fun.

"Beer for My Horses," by Toby Keith and Willie Nelson

Classic duet by a country music legend, and a legend in the making. Toby Keith and Willie Nelson nailed this fun duet about "whiskey for my men, and beer for my horses." My personal favorite line in this song? "My pappy told your pappy...."

"Beer Run" by George Jones and Garth Brooks

Another great duet from a legendary artist with a new icon! The song is just about some guys getting off work and going for some beers. The chorus spells out the song title... "B Double E, Double R -U -N!"

"Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On," by Neal McCoy

We've all experienced it. Neal McCoy was just the first to sing about it. "Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On" is just a fun romp about a newly single guy dancing up a storm with a girl on the dance floor- he can't clearly see that perhaps she's not a Perfect 10, but it's all good, good, good ‘cause Billy's got his beer goggles on. Neal McCoy also stormed up the charts a few years ago, and this song was his comeback song. Had a great video to go along with it, too.

"Pop-a-Top," by Alan Jackson

Pop. The song opens with that unmistakable sound of a top topping of a beer. A familiar sound for any beer drinker. "Pop a top, again...."

"Six Pack Summer," Phil Vassar

I must admit. Phil Vassar is one of my all-time favorite songwriters and country artists. I've written a lot about him, interviewed him and met him many times during my country radio days. This song, from his debut album, remains one of my favorites. It's a totally feel-good, let's have some summer fun with friends drinking songs. (Plus, I made up my own motions to it.) Had Phil Vassar stayed behind the scenes as a songwriter, I could so have seen Kenny Chesney doing this song. But I am so glad Phil did!

"Long Neck Bottle," by Garth Brooks

I kinda prefer draught beer, but country music icon pays tribute to the beer bottle in his song, "Long Neck Bottle."

"Sell a lot of Beer," by the Warren Brothers

First of all, the Warren Brothers, Brett and Brad are totally underrated in country music. This song is a great romp about a man and his guitar, playing lonely bar gigs. Great lyrics: "My name ain't up in lights/But I'm a hero in this bar/And I play four big shows a night/With just me and my guitar/I don't make a lot of money/And I don't have a lot of gear/I don't sell a lot of records/But I sure sell a lot of beer...."

Other country songs about beer:

"Beer and Bones," by John Michael Montgomery

"Beer Man," Trent Wilmonson

"There's a Tear in My Beer," Hank Williams


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