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Smashed Hits Part #3- Country Songs About Drinking

Updated on December 30, 2007

Paisley nails getting hammered with "Alcohol."

Brad Paisley released a few years ago an instant drinking classic with "Alcohol."
Brad Paisley released a few years ago an instant drinking classic with "Alcohol."

Drinking Songs for You

Best Country Songs About Getting Drunk

In the first two parts to the Smashed Hits Series, I covered liquor and beer. In this final supplement, we'll cover the more ‘generic' drinking songs which do not specify the vice-simply speak of alcohol and drinking it. Lots of it.

"Alcohol," by Brad Paisley

This is a total drinking anthem. Paisley is a clever songwriter and this is one of his best. I mean, really. A lampshade on your head? He really nailed getting hammered.

"All Jacked Up," by Gretchen Wilson

Gotta love Gretchen Wilson. One of the few country starlets who can truly say they are one of the guys. This rebellious woman presented country fans with "All Jacked Up," a song about only meaning to have one or two, to ending up getting completely drunk and having follies- like locking herself out of her car. We've all been there.

"Let's Get Drunk and Be Somebody," by Toby Keith

Toby Keith had a slew of party and drinking songs that made him a jukebox favorite at roadhouses everywhere. "Let's Get Drunk and Be Somebody" is no different. With clever lyrics about everyday people in everyday jobs blending in, the song was a smash and fun to sing along to. Then, these ordinary folks get the bar where they finally are somebody. Great tune.

"Drunker than Me," by Trent Tomlinson

"Drunker than Me" is a cute song about a man who normally was the least sober of the two. However, his girl starts hitting the hard stuff and now he must be the one in control. And, he doesn't like it. The chorus chimes, "I can't be with a woman who gets drunker than me...."

"Drinkin' Bone," by Tracy Byrd

Tracy was all about ballads at one point, but with hits like "Watermelon Crawl" and "I'm from the Country," he really became known for the upbeat party songs. This one is another one that basically makes it seem like physiology-we drink because it's in our bones. Kind of a cute premise, obviously based on, "The foot bone's connected to the, knee bone....!"

Other country songs about drinking:

"Gotta Get Drunk," George Jones and Merle Haggard

"It's 5:00 Somewhere," Alan Jackson with Jimmy Buffet

"Neon Moon," by Brooks and Dunn

"I Love This Bar," Toby Keith


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    • profile image

      juliuzprize 6 years ago

      Thanks for the nice blog. It Was Very useful for me. Keep Such sharing ideas in the Future as well. Actually This Was What I Was looking for, and I am glad to cam here ! Thanks for Sharing the information with us Such.

    • profile image

      Roy Greer 8 years ago

      My favorite drinking song is

      "I'll Never Forget The Night I Can't Remember"

      by Lettuce Party.