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Snacks for Dieters

Updated on January 13, 2008

Light Snacks for Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight? Engage in a healthy lifestyle? Quell that craving? I've successfully dropped 2 clothing sizes twice in my life (once losing the initial weight, the second time after having a baby). I am definitely a snacker and these are some of the foods that helped get me through it!

Fruits and Veggies: pre-slice and portion in small bags so they are ready to go when hunger hits! If it ain't easy, then it probably won't happen so remember that planning ahead is everything.

Low-fat dip: Buy store-bought low-fat dressing or whip up some light/fat-free sour cream and some dry ranch dressing mix, dry taco seasoning, or spices of your choice from the pantry! For fruit, flavored low-fat yogurt makes a great dip.

Fiber One Bars: High in fiber, great taste, even my husband likes this "diet" food!

Target's Archer Farms Fruit Bars: low-fat, high in fiber, and all natural. The pomegranate flavor is a personal favorite.

Baked Lays: Once again, portion size is everything. Count out the recommened portion listed on the back of the bag and sort them into sandwich/snack bags. Grab and go!

Microwave 94% Fat Free Popcorn: The standard serving size is 3 cups, but you feel like you're eating a lot more! This is a great high fiber snack that will fill you up and keep those munchies in check!

Baked tortilla chips and salsa: Another great cure for the munchies. Once again, watch those portions! About 15 chips and 2 T of salsa is all you need!

No-Pudge Brownie Mix: you may have to search for this treat, but it's a great low-fat treat for those times that you want a "real" desert. The best part is that instructions include a single serving variation! You will need plain yogurt to make this mix.

Light Whipped Cream: A great way to top off a coffee or light dessert and make it feel sinful. Great taste, low calories!

Mock S'mores: Take a small low-fat graham cracker and top with light whipped cream. Place 3 chocolate chips on top and enjoy!

Remember that fiber keeps you full, so look for snacks that are high in fiber, yet low in fat and calories. And of course, always drink LOTS of water!


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