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Solio Classic Portable Hybrid Chrager for Mobile Devices

Updated on November 1, 2007

I've always wondered why solar power seems to be one of the most non-used energy sources for the home. After all, the sun is something that isn't going to run out for another five billion years, and the only place I see solar power used is on calculators. Why can't we use it to do something like charging our group number of mobile electric devices? Especially when everybody is thinking like Al Gore these days and trying to make the Earth a greener world.

Fortunately, the Solio Classic Universal Hybrid Charger is designed to work just that way. The charger comes out of the box compacted, and it flips open like to resemble something that looks like a fan blade made of glass.

The blades are solar panels that can harness the energy of t he sun and store it for as long as needed. It takes only a few hours for it to fully charge the Solio with the included AC Cord. The Solio's cord is also made for the world traveler, as there are adaptors for EU, United Kingdom, and Australian outlets.

As for sticking it in the sun, I believe it takes longer. One hour of sunshine that can give 20 minutes of talk time or 50 minutes of MP3 music. To completely charge with nothing but sunlight would take many hours, and even longer if the weather is overcast. I don't know how long it would take with halogen lamps or other artificial light, but it will probably be quite long.

Once it is full charged, you can charge up a variety of electric devices using the charging cable and various interchangeable tips. For example, the Samsung, Nokia, Mini-USB, Sony Ericsson, and LG. The most useful would appear to be the USB, which powers everything these days. This makes it a versatile charger, being able to power cell phones, smart phones, MP3 Players, PDAs, handheld gaming systems, GPS devices, and digital cameras.

As for the Solio's charge, it can hold power for one year. The Solio Classic will charge a typical mobile phone more than twice. Also, it can give over 20 hours of MP3 music. I believe the purpose of the Solio is to sit in a convenient place such as windowsill, or some other area that gets a lot of sun. That makes it easy to use, and with minimal commitment. It even comes with a little suction cup holder to mount it on.

All in all, device like the Solio could come in really handy in a world where we depend on mobile devices, and use less energy for them.


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