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SpinVox Voice to Text Messaging Service

Updated on May 15, 2008

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like checking my Voicemail. It’s just that whole going through the motions of calling the number, then entering my password, all to hear a message that probably isn’t really important in the first place. Worse yet, it was a message I could have heard, but I missed the phone for some reason. The worst situation is when the message is important, and they give you important information that you need to write down.

Wouldn’t it be easier if your voicemails were just turned directly into text? Fortunately, this is what SpinVox does.

I was a little skeptical at this service. After all, I wasn’t certain if there is someone over at SpinVox who takes down my messages and types them out into text? Well, that would mean there is some receptionist who could learn too much about my life.

It’s a little simpler than that, as it captures spoken words and feeds them into a Voice Message Conversion known as D2. This D2, also known as the Brain, is some combination of artificial intelligence, voice recognition, as well as natural linguistics. Apparently, the company has spent a lot of time and money to make certain it knows how to translate speech into the typewritten word.

I was actually surprised at how well it worked, but it doesn’t work perfect. For example, a friend of mine left a message saying: “This is Ike, and I was wondering how you are doing and I’d like to talk the barman.” Now, SpinVox was able to get my friend’s name right, but it failed to mention that he wanted to talk about Iron Man, the movie that he saw over the weekend.

I guess that if I was totally dependent on that message, it would suck if the words were screwed up. However, I did receive a message that was very important about a doctor’s appointment that I was to have a 9:15, and my text messenger actually spelled it like that.

I found that not only did it send a text message to me, but it also sent me an email. SpinVox has a lot of other practical features. For example, you can leave a message to yourself, and it will translate it to a text memo for yourself. Now you have no excuse to forget. You can also speak your text message to people, and send it off to as many as you like.

SpinVox is a service available only by subscription, but you can get it on a Free Trial off the site.


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