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Spracht Aura Mobile BT

Updated on May 23, 2008

Even though we live in an era where Bluetooth is used to sync our devices together, I must confess that I am always slightly hesitant to use it.

I suppose this is what I was thinking when I opened the Spracht Aura Mobile BT. This device is a very lightweight Bluetooth product that allows an ordinary mobile phone, PC (VoIP), or even cordless phone into a conference phone. I was concerned that this device wouldn’t sync with my mobile phone easily, and then I would end up on the help line. Then the help line would probably send me to one of their outsourced receptionist, and I’d be on the phone for hours.

I can now say that I have overcome my Bluetooth fear. I guess it’s not really a fear, but more of a hesitancy, really. Anyway, setting up the Spracht Aura Mobile BT was as simple as attaching the power adapter and allowing it to charge. Then you push a button, and the device begins pairing with a blue and amber indicator light right away. From there, you have to tell your phone to recognize the Bluetooth device, but I found that I was ready for making conference calls.

The moment I dialed out, I had the other person on speaker, and they could hear me just fine. The volume controls were conveniently on the device itself, and so is the mute button. A word to the wise on the mute button: when you use it, it stays on even when you take another call. This was a problem, as I tried making a few phone calls, not realizing the mute button was still on. Then I got nothing but a “Hello, hello, hello?” on the other end.

I also realized that I needed to hit the pairing button with every call I made, so I guess the Aura Mobile BT won’t automatically do this with every call. I guess that is a good thing.

I think there might be a slight bit of misrepresentation on the part of Spracht saying the Mobile Aura BT is small enough to fit into a shirt pocket. The device could fit, but is a little long. So it would probably fall out if you leaned over too far. You could probably put it in your pants pocket, though.

You can purchase the Aura Mobile BT on the Spracht site for about $129.95.


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