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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Strategy Guide 10: Trial of Insight

Updated on December 27, 2008

There are some guards at the beginning who attack you, but they are easily dispatched.  Go inside the Temple and take out as many guards as the bar under you says to take out. 


You may notice that one will try to escape.  When he does, go ahead and find all the hidden treasures. For example, Holocron 67 is hidden near a broken pillar, so make certain to force it away and get it.  In one of the small caves underneath the walkways is a Blue Force Holocron.  At the doorway and to the right as you come in there will be a Green Lightsaber Crystal, so grab that. 


You may notice that there is a doorway on the left side of the room.  To the left of that are some bigger guards to take out, and a Blue Lightsaber Crystal all the way to the left.  Jump down to the next level below there, and there is some rubble in big chunks.  Get a Lightsaber Hilt here that might be easy to miss.  Go all the way to the right and use the force to clear the area of some busted up pillars.  Holocron 68 will be behind them. 


You should then go to the one area that was all rubble before, where you had to jump to get over it.  You will find that the area has been mysteriously sealed off, but near there will be a Green Health Holocron. 


Now go through the area where the stormtrooper field.  You will soon find yourself in an ambush, and what makes this stage easy is when you grab a gun turret with the Force and let it do all the work.  You might have noticed the Holocron up on a higher level.  You can try going up the stairs and getting it, but I found that it was better to stay on the bottom level, hover some debris, and jump to obtain Holocron 69. 


You will then be running through the maze of archive, and there will be stormtroopers trying to kill you as usual.  You might notice this one area that is pretty electric.  Naturally, that is where Holocron 70 is located, but you need to wait for the lightning to go away before you get it. 


Go ahead and take out the big bad guards again, and go through a sliding door.  You should go to the left, and you will find some fallen pillars nestled in the shelves that need to be cleared out in order to reveal Holocron 71. 


Now it is time to face the last boss, Darth Phobos.  I found that it worked just to keep it up, and the health did deplete.  Just make certain that you cut down or move all pillars in the room before his defeat.  Some of them contain health, and one contains Holocron 72. 


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