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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Strategy Guide 11: Felucia, Part 1

Updated on December 27, 2008

Here, you will need to sort of walk on giant purple leaves, killing plant guys until you come to what looks like a cave entrance.  There will be a giant flower on the left, and you must double-jump to get to the top of it.  From there, jump again until you get to the next one, and on the third one will have Holocron 73.  This can be tough to do because of the angles.  Geez, why are these things always so complicated?


Once you use the extended Z thrust, it will be easy to get some stuff out of the way and defeat a few bad guys in a misty tunnel.  Holocron 74 will be on the left in this area. 


Get rid of some bad guys, and you might notice that some of the plants can be chopped down.  You will also notice that the metal entrance near one of these plants, and chopping a plant there will give you Holocron 75.  In the vicinity of that area is a Blue Force Holocron safely tucked away in a corner of rocks. 


Another thing you might notice about this odd structure is that you can go on the right and walk right up to the roof.  There you will find Holocron 76. 


Go ahead and go through the tunnel.  There will be a few bad guys there that you need to have to fill your queue of villains, and then Z blast your way out. 


Of course, there are villains here, so you will need to take them out.  You will then need to run down to the wreckage of one of those Clone Trooper Gunships and get Holocron 77. 


Now it is time to take on the Rancor.  He’s actually a lot easier than he looks. His claw attack is deadly, but he is vulnerable to your lightning. You will then need to face a bunch of enemy troops during and after.  In the back will be Holocron 78. There will also be a mushroom shaped rock which will have the Red Lightsaber Crystal. 

There is another mushroom shaped rock that has Holocron 79.  Holocron 80 will be close to a plant that will be destroyed when you touch it, and which leaves one more, Holocron 81, just waiting to be found.  Holocron 82 can be found by chopping down some plants, so just get it and go to the green area.


In the green area is a whole maze of tunnels.  If you go to the left, to that little loop, you will find yourself Holocron 83.  The other one, Holocron 84, is located on the far right.  You will have to deal with some barriers and enemies in the way. 


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