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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Strategy Guide 12: Felucia, Part 2

Updated on December 27, 2008

Now, the tricky thing here is how to defeat two rancors monsters.  It’s not too bad, really.  Not so bad after you defeat one of them, that is. You will notice a large mushroom that can be moved and get Holocron 85.  Holocron 86 is in plain sight near the wall, and easy to find.  There are two big mushroom things that have to be knocked down to access Holocron 87.  There is also a one big gigantic mushroom that has to be broken down to gain Holocron 88.  Holocron 89 is somewhere here too. 


On a purple leaf is a Lightsaber Hilt.  It is close by the big triangular thing that will want to be destroyed, but don’t do it just yet.  Near that area is a rock that can be broken to get a Purple Lightsaber Crystal.  There is also a Health Holocron near the walls.    


The triangular way seems to be the way to go, and you will eventually get to Holocron 90.  There you will also notice a Force Holocron.  Find the largest stump to get Holocron 91, and you will find Holocron 92 atop a pink flower near the round glowing entrance.  Take out and remove the enemies. 


After a cut scene with Shaak Ti, you will defeat a few bad guys.  Go around to the left and grab Holocron 93 if you wish, keep going on the wall until you get Holocron 94.  Soon you will come to a green health mushroom, and some tall mushrooms too.  Cut them down to get Holocron 95. If you look on the other side of this area, you will see another tall mushroom that you can cut down to get Holocron 96. 


Now, start going up a hill and chop down two tall mushrooms.  You will have Holocron 97 for you to grab.  Eventually, it will stop being an uphill climb.  There is another big mushroom you can move to get Holocron 98. 


Once you get up there, it will be time for the big boss match with Shaak Ti.  You want to hear something funny?  If you watch the Deleted scenes from Star Wars Episode III, Shaak Ti gets killed.  And you thought this game would join the original and new trilologies.  Silly you, don’t you know that the Star Wars Universe is pretty much up for grabs?


Anyway, the good news is that Holocron 99 is there on the right.  The bad news is you have to fight to get it.


Speaking of fighting, Shaak Ti doesn’t really fight like a Jedi as she tends to have plant guys help her out.  That is so stupid that she gets backup and you don’t.  Come on, what is a Sith Lord without minions?  As much as I wouldn’t like to say just keep beating Shaak Ti up until her health runs out, I can think of no other straightforward strategy to defeating her. 


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